The root of all addictions - Chasing yourself as Nothing?

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I just had quite a profound realization. I was walking down the river after an intense meditation session and I stopped to look at water of the river running through the rocks. Suddenly, another *non dual state* as they call it. "I" dissappear and i exist as nothing/as the rock.

This state of Truth remembered me exactly when I used have an addiction and what II used to love when engaging in this addiction was just go to the nature and see the water running through the rocks and just "die" there. This dying was chemically induced but it is clear now that It was the same dying Lol. The "I" wasn't there and it was what I was constantly chasing.

The difference is that now I have mastered enough my life to 1) Induce those states naturally (since they are the Truth, is not really a state anyway, just a "discovering"), 2) Be conscious what is happening. Even though some addicts might get into this states they don't understand what is happening since they Conscioussness is very low. (so by no means I'm advocating go get yourself addicted to a drug you like. It's a dumb strategy to get to truth)

That state for very simple that it is, it is however so safe, and at peace of judgements or thought stories of yourself. Because when you are nothing then no thought can talk about *you" (again because you are not a you or a thing).


Embrace the game

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@Javfly33 You actually do exist, but as reality. 

Addictions come from the ego, which is a limited identity. Your true self is the unlimited identity. Notice that it is still an identity!

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