Spiral Theorists trying to skip the GREEN vmeme

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The ORANGE/green to orange/GREEN transition is fascinating and something I’m witnessing firsthand at a spiritual community where I’ve been the past couple months. 

I met several very smart Ivy League educated folks in the early 30s here who understand SD and stages of development intellectually, and at first I suspect they might be bidding Yellow thinkers, but after deeper conversation I realize they’re late stage Orange who understand systems thinking intellectually but are still resistant and uncomfortable with Green, which clearly alludes to their Orange center of gravity. But surely they’re on their way to Green and will only be a few years before they’re centered there, presuming they stay on the track they’re on now. 

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The discussion so far has been America centric.  The United States is in a blue/green culture war, but green has taken root in Western Europe.  I lived in Europe for several years, and found it far more peaceful and enjoyable.    America has millions of gun owners and members of authoritarian Christian cults.  If Europe can establish a European Union, progress can start from there while the US weakens from division and becomes irrelevant.  

Suffering is the origin of consciousness.  - Dostoevsky

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