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Eben Pagan's Self-made Wealth

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Hey man, in the last 2 days I just completed Eben's "How to Be an Entrepreneur" and " Turning your talent into income" and I can say that they are absolutely phenomenal. For a business noob like me they are so eye opening and refreshing. He is literally reprogramming my poor person mindset and forcing me to think long term.

And these course are about 5 hours of content and at the $197 price point. SMW is like 2k and probably a good 20 hours so it is def the full package. It's good to note that he does have a 30-day refund period so technically you can do the whole course in 30 days and get your money back, pretty sure O.o

To me it is pretty obvious that Leo has gone through a lot of his courses because all of Actualized reeks of Eben's wisdom. 

I think I will continue to do a more of Eben's courses, but this is for you to decide. This could dramatically effect the rest of your life for the better.

You can PM me.

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