Entities messing with me through DMT/Changa, or am I just paranoid?

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I was just wondering: is it possible/common that smoking Changa or DMT causes some spirit to get pissed off and mess with you in the following days?

Probably I'm just paranoid.

So I had one bag of Changa (DMT-infused herbs, commonly referred to as smokeable Ayahuasca, smells like a hobo's breath when lit) which I had bought at a festival from some dealer who seemed friendly.

I smoked it a total of 3 times.

  • The first time (very light dose) I was with a trusted friend at her place. Mild physical effects and fractals. It felt loving and caring and healthy.
  • The second time, I was with a date. The intention was just to experience it, I was curious and wanted the physical relaxation from last time back. I put a whole bunch of it in a bong and took big hits. My visual reality was instantly re-rendered using only colored glass and mirrored patterns, my date grew six arms and 3 eyes and radiated gold, I said 'WOW..' and then I closed my eyes while some Jester-like energy pulled the puzzle pieces of my ego apart in a visual demonstration.
    I woke up several minutes later. She told me I had looked like I was having a very good time. Unfortunately, I did not remember anything from the meat of the trip. Frustrated that I had blacked out, I took more hits from the bong after lying down for a while. Then, as it came over me again, I mumbled: "Oh, right, of course I remember...", instantly regretting my actions. It just felt like more ego-fuckery than I was prepared to handle. Perhaps that is why I don't remember it.
    That night an uncomfortable feeling started, that lingered for several days. I felt slightly violated. To explain it to her, I compared it to the anal sex we had been having. It was like the feeling when she penetrated me with a toy, faster than I was ready for, but in the soul instead of the body.

    In the days after that I could not shake the feeling that I was suddenly having bad luck.
  • The third time I did it, I was with my girlfriend. There was barely any of it left, but we still managed to feel something enjoyable. For her, it felt very pleasurable and she had a nice trip. For me, it was physically relaxing, but did not feel particularly friendly. After that we switched to weed.

    One day later, I went to sleep after 1 beer and woke up in the middle of the night because there was spookiness going on in my room: noises, the window seemed to be moving, I vaguely remember voices and there was some sort of presence in the room. I felt scared, kept my eyes closed and tried to ignore it and fall back asleep. Then I felt a strange, tingly pressure on the center of my body. I can only describe it as feeling constrictive and dark. It slowly crept from my feet up to my stomach towards my head. It caused my heart to race. Being a true optimist, I think: "maybe it's the Kundalini" and try to relax into it, hoping that it will go to my head and transform into love and light. But no.
    Finally, after having the constrictive tingliness for several minutes, unable to ignore it, I kind of twist and turn until I fall back asleep.

    I proceed to have a strange nightmare, where I wake up scared, decide I want to contact someone or at least stop sleeping in this bed, and as I turn on the lights and look for my phone, I realize that I am still dreaming. After which I open my eyes, grab my phone to text my girlfriend and ask to sleep in her bed, because I'm seriously creeped out now. And I'm just about to finish typing the message when i realize I'm still dreaming.
    So I decide this is just not worth it, wake myself up and go to put on my clothes. I contemplate texting my gf, or some friend, but decide it's late and they won't answer. So I better just get up. After which I find out I am STILL dreaming. Quite disturbing. Felt very feverish.

I feel fine now. I think the weird dream stuff can also be explained as sleep paralysis.

I have some guilt about not using the substance with an important intention, but rather out of curiosity. Perhaps that guilt caused the feeling that I was being punished.

Some other explanations my mind is running with:

- The person who created the changa blend, cursed it with a bad intention somehow

- During the trip I don't remember, I met an entity I don't remember, and he/she/it hates me now. Is that even possible, please say no? :D

- It is location dependent. My friend's place from the first time has loving spirits hanging out there. My place has different spirits that like to perform forced anal on people's soul

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Hmm. I think you're doing a lot of stimulating things all at a time. You're having sex at the same time on this trip, and then a beer. That's too many things at one time. Your body will have such a tough time processing everything.. 

I wish you hadn't done it in such a vague manner.. And mixing all sorts of chemicals like beer and what not.. 

When I did my Changa Trip, I simply did it without any expectation or intention or any activity. No companion. Just alone and in silence. And no mixing other chemicals. Just doing it very innocently. Then I got much better results. I also kept the dose low. 

You're distracting yourself during the trip. This won't serve the very purpose of a trip. It will only disturb you or leave you frustrated. 

Be with a person but don't allow them to distract. No beer no drugs no sex. 

Just pure experience. You literally destroy your own opportunity. 

Be careful with doses. 

I think whatever you're suffering is an extension of your sleep paralysis fear. 

I hope you trip better next time. 

Just be very minimalist during a trip. No distraction. 

I saw fractals during my last trip. 


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@Preety_India Appreciate the tips! I'm indeed mixing it with too many experiences. It's not like smoking weed, where you can just be casual about it and combine it with stuff. It deserves attention and focus.

Learn to resolve trauma. Together.

Testimonials thread: www.actualized.org/forum/topic/82672-experience-collection-childhood-aware-life-purpose-coaching/

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Yes, it is paranoia. And I think you're overdoing psychedelics. 

one day this will all be memories

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I've experienced stuff like this before. Here is the thing I've come to realize, but my understanding isn't fully complete and I'm open to learning further :  When consciousness expands and the mind is altered, usually a skewing of the discerning mind's ability from the psychedelics, it will dream up all sorts of stuff depending on the emotions one is carrying around. With powerful psychedelics it comes on super fast and it's hard to see the process taking place and seeing it unfold so all of a sudden you experience altered dimensions different from normal waking consciousness and it feels very powerful. When you experience this much more slowly you will see that you are dreaming this up and creating this experience. I've experienced this while waking up from sleeping and literally saw how the pattern or process unfolds and saw how it was deeper parts of the subconscious and psyche manifesting. It's a great state for gaining insights and I much prefer when it moves slower like this. It isn't so much about worrying if entities are messing with you. It's more so about exploring why you carry this fear with you and getting curious about it. If you can get this process to slow way down you'll understand what I'm talking about. The take away, let it go and don't worry about entities messing with you but do try to work on any embodied fear you may notice arrises :)

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Sleep paralysis and false awakening.  And yes 'entities' will bug the shit out of you in these experiences. Completely normal. 

Check out my lucid dreaming anthology series, Stars of Clay  

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