What's your focus for 2021?

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1) to workout 3-6 times per week without losing a single week. Even if i'm sick i'll do yoga or something

2) to maintain the healthy eating habits that you helped me build

3) a whole smoke free year. Well i will allow myself to smoke some weed here and there

4) to save 10k

5) to make my own video game and finish it even if it sucks

6) to be able to play something difficult in the drums 

7) find a gf. I don't really see this happening with the current situation and the place i live but i still write it down as a goal in case i become god and make her appear from nowhere. 


I would like to come here in 2022 and say that everything i wrote happened

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Loving myself to love you.

Free flowing in any area of life.

Embodying intuition, cutting through lies and focus on what I what without any bs.

Embodying sexuality, being free sharing. Shame free. Radiant. Irresistibly polarizing.

Flowing into friendships & relationships no matter the "ships" to sail. Tapping into the connection and being flowing.

"Full" understanding of this child's soul: what do I want; what do I desire? That is most precious. So innocent, so strong.

Being connected to you, seeing your being and being razor-sharp attentive in tapping into that state of being. Flowing.

Want to work in a mindblowingly competent neuroscience team and being challenged to the bones. Set me on fire to reveal the bedrock underneath. Slap me real hard for a wakeup call.

Thinking real good with journaling and what not.

Knowing real good that thinking is here to enable & not to limit. To build the best sandcastle possible.



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Presence. Goodness. Feeling.

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I learned to not plan and to live in the moment. It gives greater peace of mind and it is more realistic also if we are honest about it all.

I mean think back when you were planning for 2020 and then comes covid and basically ruins the whole year lol. Planning can be useful tho. But no plans for this year. 

all that matters is the quality of the present moment. Because that's all there is to reality. A present Moment 😇


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1) Get rid of porn and masturbation addiction

2) Get an experience in dating/relationships, find a girlfriend

3) Move away from my parents

4) Learn web-development

5) Create a source of monthly income

6) Completely clean up my skin, get rid of acne

7) Get an operation to improve eyesight

Sometimes the only thing you have to doubt is your own common sense

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yooo michael, top question bro

career wise i want financisl freedom by the time i am 28, ∴ I need to save 250-300k next year as soon as covid fucks off

personal life i want to get rid of my back pain, get to 8% bodyfat (remove mindless eating and overeating addictions), I want to see my abs which is not something that I've been able to do for quite a number of years now and it's quite upsetting that I can't control my appetite not only is it wasting huge amount of money but it's also so bad for me. The reason why I wanted to see my abs is partly neurotic but also it helps me to be more active and energetic when I am in less weight and it's just been a long term goal for me because I am one superficial fuck


Self development wise I think I want to unlock at least one jhana And meditate at least 500 hours before the end of next year I want to get rid of all of my neurosis and addictions by active work and by meditation as well I want to start doing yoga, real yoga I will ticket good at visualising what I want I want to get really mindful about breathing properly. I also want to learn Ave Maria and 6 consolations on violin and Maggot Brain solo on guitar


Finances are not really a big problem for me at the moment thankfully for the last couple of years I have worked monstrously and have met quite a few rich and successful people and my line of work which has made my life significantly easier


spirituality wise I just want to get the basics and the fundamentals of meditation and yoga I wanted to have one awakening (I think)


academics wise I want to read all of the books suggested by Frank yang in his latest videos and some other books. I want to also re-do the life purpose course.

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Great topic. :x

Career-wise: I'll most likely be headed to a university to study English as a foreign language. I don't see many alternatives that'd align with my life purpose work this year, which is to finish Volume Two of Journeys Beyond Earth before December. Unis are free in Czechia. It'll give me time to finish multiple collections... I'll see where to take it from there. Look at dreamboard every day. Pray to myself. Visualize. Imagine. Build.

Relationships: To experience more of deep, intimate, transcendental sex. It's more of a path-sustained than a goal: To keep aligned with my heart and notice Enlightenment in people; the inherent Good in them. To revive the Beauty forgotten in my readers; build a penetrating relationship between them and my words through writing.

Spirituality: :-) Let life unfold. Stop chasing enlightenment as if you weren't enlightened. Create. Laugh. Love. 

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Adventure ❤️ ?


Truth (means psychedelics too hah)

Sex. Haha! 

"We are like the spider. We weave our life and then move along in it. We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream. This is true for the entire universe."

-- The Upanishads


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Seeing some good stuff here.

My long term goal is to live in more harmony with nature. I want to wake up to fresh dew on the grass and go to sleep under a starry sky. I want to feel connected to the things I own and consume. And I want to do it with the people I love.

More practically, that would mean homesteading with my family and / or starting an ecovillage.

At the moment though, I have essentially none of the practical skills to make that work. Nor the necessary business infrastructure.

So I think 2021 is going to be largely about me reskilling myself and continuing to redesign my business to reflect this goal. If that's all I did, it be a very successful year. That would set me up to actualize this vision by the time I'm in my mid 30s.

I also have to find a wifey who is down for this xD



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Stronger memory, full focus on health, better focus, more friends, productivity, implementing spirituality in real life, 

And wait for Rona to get over so I can go out and travel. 


And more shadow work and self love. 


INFJ-T,ptsd,BPD, autism, anger issues

Cleared out ignore list today. 


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Cut sweets and video games completely,

Up my meditation to one hour a day.

Ace school.

oh.. and get a six pack again lol

reclaim your soul.png

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Nice thread Michael

Some of the things I want to focus on next year are:

  • Finish the LP Course and start working towards it.
  • Go on at least 2 meditation retreats.
  • Start making money to save up and move out in the future.
  • Keep mastering daygame and seduction.
  • Start once and for all my Salsa Dancing Academy.


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- Achieve a "normal weight" BMI < 25 - 155 lbs or 175ish w/significant muscle. (I'm 5'6".) Tried this last year and made some progress, then between the Rona and my whole neighbourhood being under construction since Sept with roads/sidewalks totally ripped up and giant machines working all day every day, I haven't really been able to get out to walk or run.

- Eat less sugar/wheat/dairy/corn/artificial chemicals/meat

- Fast every Wednesday/Friday

- Drink 3L of water per day

- Use the Waking Up app for meditation every day

- Consider starting a Kriya yoga habit, but probably won't if I'm being honest

- Try magic mushrooms (never done any kind of drug) after a few months of meditating when I feel like I'm in the right mental state

- Try to sit for 1 hour without moving at one point

- Finish reading one Daniel Ingram book and one Peter Ralston book I started

- Sensory deprivation tank once covid is over (Was going to do this for my bday last year but couldn't because of the pandemic)

- Earn at least $X from my business

- Write at least 2,000 words every day

- Try to get to 5% passive income by end of the year

- Create and publish a video game

- Draw and publish 100 new webcomics

- Continue flossing daily (one success this year)

- Transition to more natural deoderants / soaps

- Cold showers?

- Try to be in bed by 11 pm and wake up at 6 am

- Quarterly nofap detoxes

- Grow 25% of the food I eat in my garden

- Learn canning/pickling and preserve a substantial amount of food for next winter

- Learn Muay Thai

- Make a standup comedy routine and record it

- Sing 2 songs every day / try to learn to sing

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Keep developing my consciousness and purifying my mind through meditation practice (The Mind Illuminated) and contemplation (studying epistemology and questioning). I also have a Holotropic breathwork session coming up in a few days time so that will be interesting. 

Finding a creative process to express my life purpose.


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My aim is to follow the launch and first results of the James Webb Space Telescope (successor to the great Hubble). If it doesn't get delayed again. October 31 is the planned date.

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