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Logistical problems for dating - moving out

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@Striving for more Depends on the situation. If you're doing daygame on busy streets, parks, outside areas, shopping centres etc, then very direct game is very important. You can't be vague about your intentions in those situations because the girl will wave you away and walk off. I wouldn't specifically use that phrase 'hey I think you're cute', but usually something close to it. Very important to state that you stopped her because you found her attractive - imo atleast. Its absolutely not cringey or needy - if done correctly. It's hard to give full details over a forum post, theres so much to teach. I would say indirect is more needy. The girl wants you to be fucking intentional and direct, and even if she doesn't find you attractive she'll respect your confidence. But if she doesn't want to talk, she doesn't want to talk. Being direct doesn't mean pestering the girl for 30 minutes. 

In other situations like when you're on public transport or just in any situation where the girl cannot walk away and leave the interaction immediately, a softer less direct type of game is more recommended. However I personally don't ever do approaches in these situations. 

"Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

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@Striving for more

As long as you act like a 'pickup artist', you will always be called one hah wherever you go. Can't really answer those questions for you. It is pretty liberal there as far as I know, drugs are easy to find there. Im not really on this forum for pickup purposes in all honesty.

I haven't lived there, but I'd assume if you just want to get an unskilled job then its a little risky to just go there. Personally I wanna move to Sweden or German, but that's because Im more of a hippie, so it does really depend on your goals and you're temperament. Good luck.

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Don't let Leo fill your head with fantastical pre-requisites for dating dude. You don't need to live in a busting metropolis burning $2800 a month on rent just to be able meet women, that's fucking absurd LOL.

You want to be moving somewhere you'd enjoy working and living first and foremost, it's of central importance actually. Moving somewhere just because of  the dating/pick-up game is just pure stupidity, unless it's your literal job to be a dating/relationship coach.

Any city with 75K-ish+ people will do. That's potentially thousands/tens of thousands of women to meet.

There are women all over man. It's half our damn species. If you really want them they aren't hard to find no matter where you are and what your situation is.

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My intuition tells me to just quit my job and move to Spain and cleanse my soul, even though it's risky perhpaps

I just fucking hate London. My boss is soo stage orange his personality disgusts me. 

And tbh I am stage orange, I want to achieve wealth too. But at least I have a fair amount of green in me. 

He just exudes Pure orange, no soul, no heart, not even a sense of humour. Boring fucking guy


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