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Imagine a vast void behind (Void is the foundation for visualisation)

Imagine a vast void out of sight beyond the moment (As if the moment is in the void)

Imagine the vast void within the body (As if it is empty)

Imagine the body parts not seen are void/gone

Imagining light streak in 1-6 directions (To sense vastness of void)

Imagine the moment from a different point of view

Imagine being a different form within the moment

Imagine heard sounds as sound waves

Imaging sensations as light  forms that disappear when not sensed 

Imagining sounds as bubbles

Imagine slowly and lovingly creating the moment

Imagining a form within the moment created the moment

Imagining words in the void instead of thinking using sound

Imagine reflection of moment behind

Imagine sounds and sensations as hearts

Imagine a form then make it shapeshift into other forms

Imagine what goes out of sight has died in the void and is reborn as another sensed form

Imagine sounds that die are born as another sound / sense

Imagine that what is no longer felt has died and is reborn as another sensed form

Imagine being the sustainer of the moment

Imagine that a form within the moment sustains the moment

Imagine the moment without us in it

Imagine that many forms we love have died and are reborn as the moment

Imagine many universes / multiverses keep zooming out until they are tiny

Imagine our moment then zoom out until its super small compared to us our vast void

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6 minutes ago, Red-White-Light said:

@Astra Imagination is your mind hallucinating.

Is this reality we are in not formed from infinite imagination? 

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