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Hey guys, 

Anybody here had pretty severe problems with alcohol that they were able to overcome? I'm on day two of sobriety, focusing on meditating and being present with the moment, because I think my discomfort with the moment was the fuel behind all the alcohol abuse. It's strange, when I'm sober I am a responsible and successful person, but as soon as I drink I become just awful. Rude, loud, sometimes violent. It's weird to have such a huge piece of my life be dysfunctional, but on the outside I seem to be killing it at life. I have a career, I'm actively engaged in hobbies, my finances are all in order... just unsure how to tackle this, for good this time. I've woken up on the floor of my apartment covered in vomit one too many times. 

Any and all thoughts are welcome, thanks

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Hi there,

I was a chronic alcoholic for around 25 years. I first went to AA at age 19, which was far too young in my case but the 12 steps were actually my first step on the crazy spiritual path that led me here (and to many other fantastic places). It took 13 detoxes and 2 rehabs and nearly dying but I've been sober nearly 8 years now and no longer feel the need to attend meetings, I'm far more than just an alcoholic these days.  The steps are hard going but done properly they work. And it seems the worse people were, the higher they can bounce back towards 'God'. If you think you may be an alcoholic then it WILL get worse and eventually you will lose everything. Some meetings are bloody annoying though so I suggest that you try a couple until you find one you fit in with. 

Ayahuasca is also supposed to be good for tackling addictions. I was 6 years sober when I took it so can't speak from experience but it did root out some really dark, unpleasant stuff I'd buried. Highly recommended.

My thoughts are with you on this one and I hope that whatever you choose to do works for you. Never give up! 

Much love x

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@ThermalTide Hi there. Tomorrow I will be 9 years sober, PM if you feel weak.

I never went to AA. I was aware I had a problem. I caught tonsillitis and that was my cure. I could barely move so I couldn't go out drinking. Since I knew I had a problem I said to my self I would never drink again and I did!

I  had 2 relapses that lasted one night each though, and those relapses came after more than 5 years of sobriety. Never ever think that you got this. The monster is always there, lurking.

I thought that my life was going to be boring without alcohol. I was so wrong. You will have a honey moon phase with your sobriety, you will see.

Man the first nights I went to sleep sober I was SOOOOOO happy that I wasn't going to wake up all hungover. Like I would go to bed with a smile on my face. Alcohol is the worst drug, I am talking about the side effects. I very much rather taking LSD if I wanna have fun. No hang over.


Being sober is the biggest accomplishment in my life.






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