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The author goes through a variety of techniques to deal with the most prevelant mental states that we find difficult.

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Bearing with the conditioned in gentleness, fording the river with resolution, not neglecting what is distant, not regarding one's companions; thus one may manage to walk in the middle. H11L2

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2 hours ago, neutralempty said:

You know what is hard to integrate into you, actual human torture or even animal torture.

As much as I keep reimagining what I saw in videos and try to integrate it as a part of me, there is still a battle between wrath arising from the perception of unfairness/ shock and apathy arising from the acceptence of it as part of reality.

It's even harder to integrate if you see it as an external part of reality instead of as part of you.

I don't think this would be something for me, but I keep pushing my limits.

Before trying to "force yourself in thorugh the torture" it might help first to contemplate what is really 

- Pain

- Rejection

- Aversion

This three things are very related to suffering and torture, yet they are more specific and can be more useful for contemplation.

You could ask yourself the following questions:

- What is really the mechanics of rejecting something of reality?

- What is really the why of being adverse (not loving) something of reality? 

- What is pain?

Getting direct insights into this question might make more easy to see torture (animal and human) on a more expanded perspective. Maybe a radical different one.

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Full proof method (improvement made overtime):

Step 1: focus on mindfulness (in a released sort of way so there's less rigidity with the present state)
Step 2: Identify the emotion you're experiencing
Step 3: Validate the emotion 
Step 4: Focus back towards mindfulness
Step 5: Practice shifting from this state to any imagined alternate state (i.e. a different feeling, like shifting from calm to fear, from fear to love, etc). Continually back and fourth (30 seconds to a minute) practicing the switch, sometimes moving back to mindfulness/calmness to draw state from a centre-point.

30 seconds for each step until step 5.

This can obviously be used for motivational purposes (i.e. step 6 can include aligning to ones primary goals), and overtime, well, the gains will speak for themselves.

(I didn't watch the vid just because I know my method will be better - cheeky :D)

Thank you for making the thread though @tsuki gave me a chance to share with others.

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