Best books for entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales.

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I heard in last Leo's video that knowing about business marketing and sales is  absolutely crucial to escape wage slavery.

Me being a slave currently in wage slavery, I got very frightened and instantly started surfing the web for resources Lol.

But it seems a very big world. I don't know where to start. Or who to follow or give authority to.

So that's why I'm asking...please share the best roadmap/resources you can! appreciate it a lot!!

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18 minutes ago, dflores321 said:

@Javfly33 I freaked out about this too yesterday. 

Watch the 27 qualities of all successful people and review it every day. 

And I remembered that Leo's book list contains good books on business and market and success. 

I cant remember the exact price but it's less than 40 bucks and really worth it. It's like a successful person giving you all the pieces of his/her mind.

Tbh his books are not the best in the field or, at least, they are not very comprehensive for that biz, they are mostly about mindset which is nice, but there is a lot more to it 

Look up these books:

Principles (Ray Dalio) - the best META book on business and epistemology of it from a 50B$+ guy
Spin Selling - the best book on selling, hands down
Get Clients Now - one of the best books on marketing for rookies (Especially if you're in a service/consulting business)
Building a StoryBrand - will teach you the copywriting framework and how to craft a brand messaging
Blue Ocean Red Ocean - will teach you how to gain leverage through positioning (Which is branding 101 thing)
Zag/Brand Gap - will teach you brand strategy in more depth. The more complex your business is, the more important is the brand strategy for you
Win WIthout Pitching Manifesto - one of the best books on biz principles for creative businesses. If you're in any way related to creative biz, make sure to check this book out. Can adopt many of the principles for other industries as well
Any books on copywriting - there are so many good ones, can't really nail down a few that are the best, but copywriting and messaging is crucial in biz

I think it compiles a pretty good list. If I were to choose 2 books that would give you the most immediate results, it would be "Spin Selling" and "Get Clients Now".

If I was to give the importance of each skill/domain of business, I think I would put it something like this
PRODUCT (or Product design) -> BRANDING (Positioning) -> MARKETING -> SELLING

You can't bypass marketing/selling, but having a good product and having a good angle in a market place makes selling and marketing 10-1000x times easier

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It's not exactly books, but find it valuable nonetheless:

Also it looks like Eben Pagan sells 8 of his business courses for 1$ on black friday; Google a little and you'll find his facebook announcements of the last years. Hope he does it again this year.



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Unscripted by MJ DeMarco might be a good place to start.

Narrow down what you're looking for though. There's many subtopics to consider in entrepreneurship, things copywriting, building internet funnels, hosting workshops, etc. You're going to need tailored advice.



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Kickass Copywriting Secrets by John Carlton is a classic if you have to write sales copy. Although it depends on the business type, for instance if you're running a software development company, you're probably not going to need traditional copywriting.

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