Bitcoin will reach 100k by the end of next year + "proof" + Make your predictions

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@snowyowl That's very good advice. I will say that crypto must be a percentage of your investments, don't invest everything in crypto.

To have a diverse portfolio is the key... or that's what they say...



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I have noticed a pattern playing out on Neo, so it might be a great opportunity to get in. 

All crypto charts are returning to bullish territory right now after a correction last few months.

Here are some charts to show you multiple indicators we are heading upwards, at least for the short- mid term. It is better to enter on a technical analysis rather than FOMO at the next all time high or seek to buy the very bottom.


Bitcoin turned around exactly on the golden ratio 61.8% fibonacci level, so that's why I believe strongly it is headed to new all time highs. The support is strong. My bitcoin analysis also supports the 100k figure, using fibonacci alone.

Altcoins provide more upside opportunity % wise and it might be a great spot here for a long entry on Neo, which is also called the Chinese Ethereum. 

 XRP breakout already happened and shows the power of the inverted head and shoulders pattern. I hope this helps someone and remember there is always risk and research the patterns and concepts I am talking about. 

I am into trading since 2017 so I am somewhat well versed in charts and analysis, and I recommend a technical entry here. Risk to reward is definitely skewed to the upside on this one. 








Such charts are the closest thing you can get to a crystal ball 

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I am shutting down discussions of crypto speculation on this forum. This is low consciousness and dangerous activity which does not belong here. I do not want innocent self-actualizers getting distracted and caught up chasing pipe dreams of greed.

Those of you who are into speculative investing are fooling yourselves, and karma will get you one day.

(Full disclosure: I do own some Bitcoin.)

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