What can we do with a Biden presidency?

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If we have a democrat lead federal government for the next several years, what can each of us do to help influence what is accomplished and what change occurs, in alignment with our values?

Personally I want to see all federal vehicles manufactured by Tesla, and massive rapid-change incentives for solar/battery grid investments.

How can we feed into and incentivize the leaders of the moment to align with Truth, Consciousness and Love, and to divest from fear?

I want to tell Biden to transmogrify the healthcare system in USA, and the education system.

How can we begin movements in our communities to bring ignorant people gently into new awareness?

I want compelling science and life affirming success stories about new psychologies and communities for healing the "Gaia" super-organism named Earth.

What can we the people do to lift up a Biden presidency from the bottom?

Should we do art? Organize public speaking? Writing? Sporting events? What specific actions can one take besides just sharing actualized.org with everyone they possibly can? @Leo Gura do you plan to do a video in the future about specific strategies the average viewer can do to help push culture into the direction that is most conducive to our objectives here with Actualized.org? To understand the Truth for its own sake and to live profound lives, contributing to the evolution of Love and Consciousness!

How can we be a rising tide that lifts all boats of consciousness?

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It's going to be a while before we see a shift. What I propose is that each person pursue their own truth. No need to suffer because the rest of society stuck in a meaning crisis. Support authentic causes. Get clear on and stick to your values. Live your truth and encourage other to do the same.

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