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5 MeO-DMT reactivation

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A little discussed topic here is the phenomenon of the 5 MeO DMT "reactivation"; this is pretty well documented elsewhere and "I experienced" one for the first time several days ago. This was in the setting of being 2.5 hours into a 100mcg 1p-LSD trip and was utterly remarkable insofar as it was complete from having the taste of vaporization and full propulsion into the non-dual state. On emergence the duration had been several minutes with the full-bodied effects one sees/feels (for want of a better term), the familiar recognition of "How could it be otherwise?", and a sense of getting there by simply forgetting to forget "who" I actually am. Moreover, for the subsequent 3 hours I experienced a novel state of synaesthesia in which the words which made up thoughts evoked their own particular tastes (known as lexical-gustatory synaesthesia), along with an enduring sense of loss of the subject-object relationship which has remained in which all is experienced as a flow, including thoughts which are evident as a part of this, akin to the 6th sense gateway. The subject-object interpretation remains accessible, but naturally and effortlessly seems no more compelling than the state of flow currently experienced, and both are held as valid without requiring maintenance through active cognition. One has not displaced the other but it seems more like an expansion of perspective which incorporates both with no tension between them.

It would also seem that we as human beings are like a locus of feeling/experiencing which automatically convert these into language-representations to ourselves in order to give a form or sense to what is experiential, and ultimately this is not bound to these interpretations, nor to anything else. We imprison ourselves within these, and yet freedom is not elsewhere.

5 MeO DMT reactivations are anecdotally more common around the time of falling asleep and can occur within clear consciousness ie no other psychedelics on board; I would imagine that these could be profoundly disorientating because what happened in my case ie effectively indistinguishable from 12+mg vaporized, occurring unexpectedly would be a cause to question ones mental well-being.

5 MeO DMT is no joke, and this stuff can utterly destabilize ones perceptual/cognitive foundations. This is something all users should consider carefully.      

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