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Both are imaginary concepts. But concepts are useful, but also highly subjective.  If waking up and growing up seem similar to you, I would like to hear more of your own thoughts on this. 

My Imagination is a Monastery and I am its Monk- John Keats

 Join me and SirVladimir for a collection of short stories, guided visualizations, and other forms of lucid/immersive daydreaming. MindVenture Facebook group  (this is not a meetup, merely a mutual interest in lucid daydreaming) 

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waking up is like different states of consciousness like through meditation and other spiritual practices whereas growing up refers to ego development or value systems like in cook greuters model or spiral dynamics or other lines of human development.


You can be enlightened and still be racist, homophobic, have outrageous political views etc.

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15 hours ago, Sambodhi said:

WAKING UP and GROWING UP are essentially different?

Reality is an infinite collection of imaginary differences.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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