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Been a while since my last journal post (other than YT videos) - on which I've got behind and haven't been able to keep up with my dedication do make a weekly one. I guess I never assumed it would take so much time to create a 10-minute video :D Whenever thinking about topic I feel like I have 50 filters that a topic has to go through in order to be "approved" all of which are screaming "this topic sucks" "boooooring"   "nobody gives a f**k" Making the vlogs has been way more fun but those are kind anot aligned to the message I want to make. But I feel at some point the direction of the whole channel will be changing completely anyways. 

Easter holiday in Snowdonia has been amazing. I'd love to make a video out of all this but it will take me days to put all materials together and cut it all into a cohesive video but I'd like to do that at one point. We have been so lucky to live in Wales, I just get mesmerised by how much this country has to offer in the forms of natural history, ancient human history, geology and culture. It is actually getting harder and harder to be ok with leaving the country one day and going back to Slovakia to start a family. My gf feels the same way but a decision will need to be made within next 2-3 years as we're not getting any younger. I could definitely imagine coming back here in 30 years and retiring in the UK. Maybe we'll do that. 

Been getting pretty good progress with the Seth Godin's marketing seminar. With each exercise I am closer and closer to understanding the group I'm looking to serve. It is clear that I'll need to specialise in a single health condition. AT the same time part of me is totally scared to make this transition because I feel like I am cutting myself away from 99% of opportunities but maybe it is being non-specialist that actually does that. I'd love to work with mental health but nobody is looking for "mental health nutritionist", people are googling particular health conditions so the marketing will need to reflect that. It seems eventually I'll end up specialising either on depression or anxieties in the male population below 45.  That's the group I resonate with the most and like working with the most. But keeping other options still open. 

I've also been getting clinical mentoring since last month and that's been awesome. I'm getting a lot of constructive criticism but it is making a tremendous difference to how I operate and managed the online practice. Finally, I'm getting back to regular deep dives like the ones I used to do in my Blog, I miss doing that and I hate that I stopped. But blogs are coming back, I learned more from doing those than from anything else. I just need to organise my day-to-day schedule better to find time to start writing them. 

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Finally, after 5 months, I managed to get back to Blogging. Was fun to explore another interesting topic. A YouTube video on the topic should follow soon. 

Currently spending some time back in Slovakia for a few weeks to attend a wedding of our friends. Yet another close couple getting married. The pressure to get more serious about this part of our life ever growing. Seems like every conversation here starts with babies, weddings, building a house and moving back. I'm realising that sooner or later we'll have to tackle these topics for good. 

Part of me wishes I started my clinic 5 years ago and have more answers by now but at the same time I know it wasn't possible without the journey that lead to this place. It just couldn't have been any other way. 

Things have a way to resolve themselves eventually in one way or another 

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