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Hi guys
I want to share with you my method of meditation. I've been meditating for three years now. Not consistently but since then I've tried many methods and techniques and all great. But this one I developed for the last three months i really like and i wanted to share with. I don't know maybe others are doing it or maybe it's a teaching i don't know. I combined many things together and now I'm meditating like this. So Here it comes. i meditate laying on my back, super relaxed, i completely let go. And i do two  meditation sessions. Both laying down. Unless I'm tired  and i feel like i might sleep then  i sit in the lotus position. Specially in the second sess.
Each session about 20, 25 minutes. I mostly use headphones with some meditation music. Meditation music could be distracting so i stick with less distracting ones. In my first session i do meditation with labeling. Because i know my mind takes time to calm from the monkey mind. So i give it time to calm. I Focus on the breath, The mind drift of course And everytime
I don't encourage the drift. But when i come back to the breath i label that train of thought. Or see it. Or just be aware of it.   Until the phone beeps for the second session. In my second session whatever happen i stay on the breath. On the now. On been. Pure bless for me. No labeling, nothing. Yes i still chatter now and then but I'm way over that. So basically just been. I feel like this partition made it very easy for me to make this jump. Also to meditate more often. I meditate about 20 days a month. For me now i do it for enjoyment but this method  helped Many times when my head don't like me to meditate or I'm so stuck with something so defined with... Whatever it is the first session really helped to break the ice and when i move to second one i be like; Mind, I've seen everything.  i gave you your chance. And now I'm out of service, See you later pal. Something like that! 
Also i should mention the most important thing in this recipe; breathwork. I do breathwork three times, when i start, between sessions and when i finish. About 30 breaths when i start. 50 or 70 in between. and 70 or more when i finish. Breath work like the Wimhoff method. But sometimes in the middle i do about 10 to 15 breaths with full exhale. Then i hold of course after all breathwork. Anyways that's all about it. i hope you guys find it helpful. I find it very helpful and enjoyable for me, couple times i started having unstoppable all body orgasm. I don't how that happen. I wish it could happen  again But i try to not to cling to it. But still waiting. maybe I'm clingy. Hhh or maybe there was other factors involved Anyways that's about it so to sum up. ( Two session, labeling and no labeling, relax, breathwork, meditation music).
Also your thoughts appreciated.
Thank you.

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