First Psychedelic Trip on 1g of Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

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August 23rd 2020


Very first Psycadelic Trip. 

A lot of this trip is written down as it was happening, and also I came in after and elaborated on certain points so things made more sense. 


Intention: What is intuition? 


1g cubensis Melmac dried magic mushrooms. 

(I'm definitely more sensitive to substances than the average individual, so this was a great starter dose.)

Consumed via Lemon tek (soaked in lemon juice for 20 mins). Didn't taste anything bad. No taste at all really, just the lemon juice when I drank it. Spent extra time to chew it really well. 


Consumed on an empty stomach. 



Meditated for 20 minutes watching my thoughts. 

Made the lemon tek, mediated a bit more. 

Had a whole lot of anxiety that morning, really fearful of the unknown experience I was able to have. 


Consumed at 11:10 AM


I turned on music and danced to 3 songs. By the third song my emotion really came through and I cried a bit in the emotion. 


The rest of the time was spent sitting on a couch in the sunroom in the house, I wanted to be close to nature while on this trip, rather than in my basement. As well I wanted to be close to my tripsitter. 


30 mins in

Grass breathing subtly. 


40 minutes

Looking at my hand and noticing how foreign it is. 


Fingers trembling. 

Noticing all the plumpness and discolouration in the hand. 

Feeling the shroom creeping in. 


11 55

Feeling a strong need to lie down and surrender. There is a place that I fear to go. And it's hauntingly deep.


Had that feeling of being sucked back into a dark place that I feared to go. It was very threatening. Probably the most difficult part of the trip here. I went into the open starfish formation to fully surrender, as well as verbally saying "I surrender" 



Nauseous and sinking. 

Shit is funny. 



Noticing every hair on my arm. 

The most subtle things in peeling a banana that would go unnoticed I'm noticing. All the nuances in peeling a banana is noticed. 



Noticing how marbled in colour our hands are. 

Small subtle feelings of nausea. Wanting to move left and right swaying. Have a really hard time to control it. 


As much as I can throughout the trip I repeatedly ask the question:  "What is intuition? What is intuition? What is intuition? What is intuition?" 



Ability to make distinctions in colour has increased. At one point at the peak later, all the green leaves in the garden are the same bright green hue. 

Still subtle nausea.


Strong feeling of being a monkey. Puckering my lips out, showing my teeth.


Really noticing a different state of consciousness. I think that's something that's easy to misunderstand about a psycadelic. There's the visuals, but that's like the side effect. Like the heat that is produced from a light bulb; a side effect. 


The reality is still here but the projector that is me has changed.




Swirly pattern in the cushion expanding to the whole entire cushion and swaying, swaying. What you focus on, literally grows. 


My body is part of that swaying. The universe around me feels like an ocean and I'm being pushed by the waves. 


Really noticing patterns emerge from the cushion. 


Intuition is so deep.


Slow. That's the feeling. 


It's a whole lot easier to use my voice to type this report while I'm in the middle of the trip. 




Noticing a deep rhythm to the universe. 


I can see how easy it is to just want to stare at the grass and get lost. Because I know if I stare at something long enough it will start breathing. Just like the floors right now it's moving like a slow river. Hardwood floors flow into several opposite direction Skinny rivers. 



 I'm noticing Everything Is Beautiful more than you can imagine. 

>it's really working to navigate a trip well by saying everything is beautiful. 



You are constantly basking in the sunlight shining on to you at all angles.

Infinite hands coming and shielding my face when I close my eyes. Oh my God. 



"Noticing all the patterns in the ceiling and how they are breathing yeah it's really not that bad man, I get Majestic and beautiful yeah holyshit I'm in it I'm in it I love how it's recording my voice while I say this too."


Slow. Easy


I ask my intuition what is intuition. It tells me to tilt my head up and surrender in the starfish position to open up my body, because my body is a vessel to receive consciousness. It's not even mine. It's not even MY body as my ego would like me to believe. 



Increased trip intensity as I look at the hundred actual birds in my garden. 


What's the difference between authenticity and intuition? 


Tons and tons of giggling. 


I must call everything beautiful to sway this journey. 



If I stare at something long enough it moves. Especially things that are very generic but consistent in pattern. They flow like a river. That's why floors flow. 


Nausea is gone. But I am a wave now. 


It's so fucking easy to get distracted haha.


If I was an artist I have infinite vision right now. 


Everytime I close my eyes it's a new vision. Creativity is so enhanced it's something you have to experience to understand. Creativity skyrocketed. 





I close my eyes I notice all the visions of the background of red to yellow. 


I open my eyes and it's white dominated. The colour White. And it's all moving subtly. I am the room. 


Reality is a mind fuck. How could we be so foolish the ground ourselves in materialism?


It's all one conscious mind. There is no difference between the wall and the tree it's all part of the infinite field. 


Creativity is skyrocketed.



I can see that a glimpse of how much deeper I can go


I must ask the question: What is consciousness? 



Going to the washroom, walking with a bounce like an ape. 



Intuition is just noticing the push that you are being pushed in. You noticing the waves around you as you are just a part of the ocean. 


Close my eyes against the pillow for a second. I'm noticing that the left and right eye are like two different Instagram filters. The left eye with the green filter and the right eye with a clear yellow one


In order to understand intuition I must understand the infinite intelligence and consciousness. 


+++big peak+++



What is consciousness?

Consciousness is all of this that you see. 


It's so easy to just get distracted and play on Shrooms.



I've never seen my pupils so dilated. Every time I walk to the bathroom it's just such monkey like in the way I walk. 


+++ hallucinations are barely apparent now.+++


Seeing that you got to be brave to go deep.



Feeling the now. 



Sight and Sound are literally connected. 

I can see how that Duality collapses. It would be interesting to see how the movement of reality reacts to music, as I've heard the room moves with the music.



I can see how it is so easy to distract yourself and get addicted to this experience. It crosses my mind why even contemplate. But I've saw someone fall for that trap before when reading a trip report. So I need to keep getting back on that horse to contemplate. 

Right now I need to do that. 



The Universe is there for you.


The entire experience of eating a banana so funniest fucking thing. Sticking your tongue out, chewing with your mouth wide open, swishing it around in your cheeks. Complete monkey mode. Completely authentic. 



Every action becomes a game. You're being more creative with chewing a banana. You're being more creative in just the way you breathe. Everything just becomes interesting as fuck. 



I noticed looking back earlier on the trip, how I was avoiding the present by opening and closing my eyes. Avoiding going deep. Protecting myself. And I see on a higher dose this will be unavoidable. The eyes closed and the eyes open will collapse, it won't matter, you'll be thrusted into it. 


Why can't I contemplate Consciousness while rolling on the ground? Why do I have to sit here in a Lotus position?



I can see when you're given a new perspective, it's so easy to question convention. Because I'm experiencing that new perspective now. Open Mindedness to the sky. It's easy to consider things I would otherwise fear or see as silly to even think of questioning. 


Shrooms would totally naturally collapse conventional society as a whole. 



"It's not even you when you are surrendering. It's just the way of tuning you into flowing into the water." 

> When you are surrendering, there is actually no "you" to surrender. You just dissolve the notion of you and merge with the ocean. 




Realizing that the movements that are hallucinations is the duality of solid vs fluid collapsing. 




It's a rule in reality that you must first cross the chasm to reach the field of flowers. This is what the trip feels like. 



I think contemplation becomes very different. You don't think into it, you BE into it. 

Be as in being. 

instead of contemplating formally, you BEING into your BEING too solve your BEING. 



Strong urge to drum.



You need to poke around reality in different ways to explore reality fully. Like rubbing your nose against a couch. 



The barrier that stops me from rolling around in the dirt is a made up one. Why not have fun and just roll around in the dirt, in the love?



Much earlier I felt like a child playfully roaring at my dog that was growling. 



Noticing the ability to take a strong good look at the burns in your vision after your stare at something too bright for too long. Rather than it escaping your eye when you try to look at it, I was able to get a good solid look at it. That was interesting. How was that even possible lol. 



Noticing the ego clamping down on me with the notion of shame. 



Visuals Experienced During the Trip


A beautiful boat with swirly wood flowering along the sides.

An infinite flow of RGB streaks. 

Infinite deer head with RGB outlines

Infinite things. Like a dead wasp I was staring at, then closed my eyes, and it appeared into my vision in an infinite row. 

Infinite row of 1 foot sized alien bugs crawling up my leg.

I noticed some dead bugs on the floor including wasps and bees, and when I close my eyes how an infinite row of wasps was in my vision. But it wasn't scary, it was just beautiful. Because all of reality of beauty.


These infinite patterns showed up like two mirrors being put together. 


Through the red eye of seeing, being able to fly through the world with passing by pieces of consciousness manifesting. 



~~Things I've noticed later on that happened earlier ~~


Hugging the chair I'm lying on. 



With whatever is happening, all I can say is "beautiful". 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

This was great for me to navigate my trip really well. Just everything in my Consciousness is beautiful.


I learned how authentic I can really be. To be like a child in authenticy. To be like an ape in authenticy.


There is no barrier between me and wanting to roll around in the dirt. That's just a made up one. 


I noticed how intuition is connected to Consciousness, and that I really needed to contemplate what is consciousness and how to tap into it to understand intuition. 

I saw intuition as a form of channeling. A light form of channeling. 



I also had a notebook where I wrote this down. 

Here's what I wrote. 


What is intuition? 

A strong pull. 

A gut, chest, throat pull. 

Intuition is deep. 


Intuition shows you the cracks of light. But it's up to you to travel to the end of the tunnel to realize the entire light. 


To access intuition, you need to channel. You already are a channel, just open yourself up. It's the subtle ground you take for granted. Question that natural feeling coming from nothingness. 


Consciousness is an infinite ocean. Just tap into the ever-flowing Rhythm






###Days After Report ###


Increased authenticity. Even in the way I walk. 


Increased interest in realizing my greater identity. 

Realized this when I talk to other people I still feel alone, and remembering the theory that you are alone and you just create reality and people around you to feel as if you're not alone. How you actually create reality in such a way where you actually feel like you can have some connection with something other than you. But in the end it's only you. 


Increased interest in the ability to surrender.

Increased open mindedness in what I need to surrender to in order to discover truth. 

Starting to get deeper into wonder about what reality is.


Noticing more contentment with what is. 


Noticing more fascination with the seemingly mundane. 


I realize I need to be very centered to follow my intuitions 


Found it quite difficult to consistently Focus while on that trip, so I'm interested in what a research chemical would be like. 


??? Questions ¿¿¿


Is it proper to contemplate differently while trying to feel and experience the deeper existential aspects of reality? Stuff that's beyond logic? 

For example, for the entire trip on inquiring into intuition, I didn't want to contemplate it logically at all, but rather just wanted to experience what came up when I asked the question. 


How did my trip go? 


I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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15 minutes ago, ZenSwift said:

Strong feeling of being a monkey.

Success! :D

A good intro trip.

It will get much crazier in the future, so watch out. You don't know the power those shrooms can unleash.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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15 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

It will get much crazier in the future, so watch out. You don't know the power those shrooms can unleash.

Yeah, I've become very wary about it, thanks to you I read quite a lot of trip reports to understand and prepare myself as much as I can. Especially trip reports on large dosages.

Which is why I report having quite a bit of anxiety before the trip. Right before eating the shroom, I had the same amount of anxiety as if I was about to go down the Sky Screamer water slide at West Edmonton Mall waterpark. (A really tall & steep slide.) 

I think I'll just be slowly upping the dose half a gram each time.

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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@ZenSwift Good! You're doing things wisely.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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I always feel like I'm a monkey hahaha

A nice start :D

Good luck!

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Damn, after reading this I feel like a cave-man-monkey doing my self-inquiry & meditation sessions without psyches. Great insights tho!

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Linking this thread to the Parent Thread.

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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