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I would need feedback on this idea please

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Hi All,

I am currently building a free mobile phone application, which purpose is to help people manage and enhance their energy through the balance of their activities during the day. This helps creating harmony between various activities and will improve the level and the nature of energy people feel and greatly improve their mood, their ability to deal with difficult aspects of life or relationships, reduce their stress and therefore have a great impact on reducing bad habits to enjoy life more fully.


Let’s be honest, everybody is facing issues in life, even those who hardly admit it, but finding a way is sometimes as challenging as it is necessary, this mobile phone app is a tool for betterment and personal development which adapts to the tastes of each person, since it is not only based on set rules but on awareness of the user and flexibility. One step at a time, one can change, feel better for themselves and for others around, enjoy the present moment and also project themselves over the future.

All it needs is one to input their daily activities and let themselves be inspired or guided with relevant messages and inspirational quotes by changing their ways little by little for their energy improvement. This is not a method in the way it does not recommend specific practice, but let the user choose their activities according to their inspiration and intuition and their self-reflection on the quotes. This is more a general framework for improvement rather than a specific tool. There would be some metrics on hours of work, sleep, commute, family, leisure, sport, etc, for user self-assessment too. I am also thinking including 50+ downloads of visual processes and diagrams about consciousness and energy management.


I would greatly appreciate your feedback please on the concept and idea, is it something you could imagine useful or beneficial, what would be interesting in the concept, relevant/irrelevant/blocking or one obvious area which could be missing.


Thanks a lot to all !

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This might not sound like useful feedback, but I read mobile phone application and stopped reading.

It's certainly not what I would be doing with my time.

Hopefully someone else gives good feedback on the idea itself.

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Nah, plenty of interactive scheduling programs already exist, including those which remind you to get up from your chair or take a break from looking at your phone, which IMO are the most useful.

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