Daniel Odier - Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love

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I am reading this book of Daniel Odier and I must say I find it amazing.

So much of the teachings in this book resonates with everything that is being shared on this forum.
Just wanted to share this with you guys; a real recommendation to read!

It gives you a look into tantra and the theory around it as well as practices and explanations.
It's beautifully written and the master that is being referred to in the book seems absolutely amazing.

Have any of you read Daniel Odier? What do you think of his teachings?



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@bobbyward Sure.
The main point is moving towards absolute simplicity.
No concepts, no ideas, no rules, no systems.

Everything points to awareness of the void. The emptiness, which contains all the richness in the world.

First, it starts about being aware of everything you do in every second of the day and doing it in a fully conscious way

Breathing, touching, sensing, seeing, speaking, listening, going to the toilet,...
It talks about the 36 tattvas and how they have to be experienced fully consciously all the time.

It talks about how everything should be accepted and experienced and nothing should be resisted since it's all part of the divine.
Resistance creates suffering.
(e.g. when trying to resist a negative emotion, it only grows stronger)

It also talks about ascetics and how some of them spend all their lives in solitude practicing meditation, which in turn makes them disconnected from the world they live in and thus not living life fully consciously and in all their possible / potential glory.

The practices are pretty simple:

-Being aware of your ego-mindset and breaking through it as hard as possible. There's no room for gentleness. Face your fears head on in the most confrontational way possible. They will be shattered.

-Meditation: be aware of the pause between thoughts, breath,... Every thought and its subsequent thought has a "space" between them, a comma. Be aware of the stillness, emptiness between each breath / thought. Doing this every day, constantly, will make you more aware of this emptiness / void and will make you less identified with thoughts

-Do everything fully consciously, never take anything for granted. Enjoy drinking water in the most pure way possible, do everything with pure love and gratitude

-Everything should be felt by the heart, during meditation also focus on heart. Everything starts flowing when the heart is activated (all chakras).



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