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Dr. Berg is amzing!!

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1 hour ago, LSD-Rumi said:

Thanks Michael for enlightening me back then. I was influenced by dr berg to disregard carbs from the equation but then you came and gave me a more holistic approach

oh man, I remember this conversation :D I got carried away a bit back then. Glad to see you come around full circle. It would appear this was exactly the way it should have been. Experiment for yourself and see what works. 

My Website - Feel free to reach out for a confidential discussion about a health issue you're currently struggling with. 

"Your moment-to-moment experience of the world is largely determined by the story you tell yourself about it" - Chris Williamson

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I think his advices are good if you are an average person (I mean obese :D) - no carbs ever again and stay in a ketosis till you die (I'm exaggerating).

I like Thomas DeLauer and Siim Land because they tell how to optimize body, not to heal after years of horrible habits.

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