It's happened before: 1889 Russian Flu was a coronavirus pandemic.

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It's become clear by now that there is no lasting immunity to COVID-19 and that this shit will never go away. But many doctors and scientists speculate that as the virus mutates it will gradually decrease in severity and become like another common cold. So I looked for historical examples of this and found one. No way to know for sure if what is now the OC43 coronavirus jumped to humans in present-day Uzbekistan before spreading rapidly around the world and recurring in peaks for several years, but based on historical accounts that seems to be the case.–1890_flu_pandemic#Coronavirus


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7 hours ago, datamonster said:

What's really concerning is that pandemics are happening more and more frequently. Currently, every 4 years there is a new one (see image below).

The Question is if every Pandemic before was recorded, which can't be validated easily. The only thing we know is that we have more, but it's not clear to me that this is due to an increase of pandemics OR an increase of documentary on this pandemics.

So your Statement is the Pandemics are coming more frequently, which is true if you believe in this List: There are a bunch of Pandemics in the 20th Century as well, just as in the 19th and 18th Century BUT the 21th Century is only 20 Years old... so yeah could be but

The Question arises to me how valid this List can be, I mean we record Weather since the late 19th Century, so is it too absurd to assume that a lot of Plagues as big as the 770-People-Death-Plague-SARS could slip through unnoticed in the Centuries before?

Also one thing for sure is that the Plagues from 2000 to 2020 where in there Death toll not as severe as the once in the Century before. We could have even 100 times more plagues, but it does not matter if they are locale and marginale in Death Numbers. We adapt and work against these Plagues so that they don't become as big as the previous. We are so good that these Plagues are little compared to the really big Palgues like the Black Death.

The Question is how it plays out this time..

Please don't think I'm cold blooded or something, I just try to describe it a little more scientifically. I do care a lot about People and want to see as LESS VICTIMS AS POSSIBLE from Covid-19 and I behave accordingly :)

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It's serious, no doubt. What you are describing is a big challenge for Humanity.

We are far developed. Think about how awesome it is that a Global Population is able to get the Message arround and adapt to this, even though we see some dramatic things. It could be far worse, we should strieve to do it far better ;)

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1 minute ago, datamonster said:

Fully agree! We've come a long way but there's no time for humanity to rest yet, still lots of challenges ahead :)

Sure :) We'll see how that'll play out.

May I ask where you have these Timeline Pictures from?

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