Some truth regarding Covid (ventilation- mortality rate)

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In general you should listen to the mainstream scientific consensus, that's often the consensus here and among educated people.

Also legions of paranoid conspiracy retards plague the internet, so it's no wonder any genuine critical sound is muffled away (also of course plenty of people want to not stand out against the crowd so they just follow what ever, that's rational.

However, in this case, be open to the possibility that scientific organisations can, once established, be really biased and clingy towards their own conclusions, same with government organisations who don't want to lose face on their policy.

--- There is a dutch polist and scientist who had done some really well studied analyses at the start of the pandemic, and found out, about 2 months ago months ago, with certainty, that the virus is airborne. 

He is well known, and generally liked, and authentic, he was able to provide really good arguments and study regarding the virus, he was also able to predict the corona flu wave in Brazil and other parts, because it follows the rain season, like influenza, why? Because the virus is airborne, not due to contact, and during the rain season in the countries, the ventilation decreases, windows get shut etc. (Also it's similar to the flu).

Now 2 months later, official teams still in Holland have been slow to admit this, and now we recently had 236 scientists writing to the WHO to finally acknowledge this airborne transmission.

In short what does it mean?

-It means that there is a lot of evidence that virus is airborne, due to superspread events being inside ONLY with, bad ventilation. (just one quick study: 

1. “among our 7,324 identified cases in China with sufficient descriptions, only one outdoor outbreak involving two cases occurred.” )

So just have good ventilation and that solves it, masks are useful inside only.

-The deathrate, is not that much higher than the flu, the mortality rate about is about 0,30-1%, the flu about 0,1%, how ever. For people below the age of 50, the mortality rate is about 0,1 to 0,04%, so not quite dangerous. Above 50 to 70, around 1% or so, above 70 5-8% or so.

This is quite the consensus, don't feel like searching sources. (also what is interesting to note, is that stress is arguably always the most harmful factor also, and negative assumptions regarding the virus or any sickness can even create a nocebo effect).


The official science teams and the ruling government (right-centered), had made their initial plan, based on insufficient knowledge, and didn't want to look stupid, so they had tried to basically deny this, also the WHO didn't want to acknowledge this after 'official policy' was made, we had campaigns for the 1,5 meter rule here etc.

-But upon investigation, why did they make this rule? What was it based on? 

The official response is literally:

Coughing and sneezing can produce water droplets that are spewed to that distance,-

-so it's to avoid people from coughing into face, thereby infecting you..

The consensus of the dutch people is increasingly negative towards this policy, also shown on the internet on the responses to the official videos, with likes/dislikes etc.  things should be able to go back to normal the more this ignorance discreases.

-but even to assume whether this is all right or wrong, can be a waste of time, karmic plays are happening also, tests of honesty for people, tests of love, so just keep at it with your practice and own life and it should be good,- what are worrying about anyways, some food bits? 99% of the worries on this world are unjustified and ego inflicted in my opinion...


Also it's true, big farma and governments like power tripping, and want a vaccine for this slightly more dangerous flu, meanwhile young people aren't even at danger, and ventilation can solve it, don't think corruption is somehow now out of this ego world.

Oh AND the media likes to fear monger for views often as well, or wants to join the power status game with ties to governments etc., that is also true.

So in this case the conspiracy nuts, have a point, unfortunately, they don't tend to be very relaxed or nuanced about it.


The dutch polist and sociologist, good smart man, criticized also in the beginning, but mostly just because 'he's not a virologist'. The official teams didn't like to admit they were in sense, behind this one, 'polist', and neither did the scientist fans like it that our whole establishment was 'beaten' by him, but now in due time, they of course had to admit to the truth as it was becoming increasingly clear.

TLDR: Corona is solved with decent ventilation and it's not that dangerous (esp. for younger people).


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I'm not so sure if it's as simple as good ventilation, but I do feel like there's some key bits of info that haven't been connected yet that'll help determine when / how it spreads and who is the most vulnerable (and therefore needs our protection / distancing the most.)

For instance, my country has two major cities. Right now, one city is in a major lockdown due a huge spike in cases, but the other is more or less going about business as usual despite some obvious restrictions. And both were virus hotspots at the start of the outbreak, yet only one is seeing a major resurgence yet the other is still doing OK (for the time being anyway.)

What's the differences between these two cities? I really have no idea. On paper both should be the same virus wise, yet the conditions in one city for some reason have caused a resurgence and not the conditions in the other. I'd like to know what those conditions are. Maybe the virus is airborne, and the first city was just unlucky enough that an airborne cluster broke out a second time.

Whatever the case, I think you're right that there's a lot of competing egos as to how this virus spreads, and it'll take cooler heads and a willingness to see the conditions holistically in order to figure it out. I actually think we have a good chance of getting a handle on this thing within the next few months so long as minds are continuously put to work at figuring it out, and from then on it'll just be a matter of implementing our findings and abiding by the necessary restrictions until a vaccine or strong treatment is developed. At least I hope so.

“All you need is Love” - John Lennon

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paranoid conspiracy retards

With that attitude, of course you're going to think anyone who questions the status quo is an idiot. Because you won't even entertain the possibility it could be a conspiracy, therefore you won't objectively investigate the evidence.

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I will be locking any threads which try to claim that Covid-19 is not dangerous or promote conspiratorial thinking about the response to this virus, trying to frame it as some elitist power-grab.

If you don't like it, this forum is not for you.

I expect collective responsibility of you guys.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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