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Joe Biden speech

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Well, according to this website biden is leading in the polls. That's a relief. 


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"Now I don't know if he is genuine or just theatrics."

On 7/10/2020 at 2:12 PM, Preety_India said:

I'm not usually a fan of Joe Biden. 

But I was doing some work on my laptop and meanwhile this video was running in the background on another machine and my attention was deflected by a voice and words for the very first time. 

No speech had subconsciously gotten my attention since Obama. 

Very good speech. Gotta give some credit to this guy at least for this speech. 

Try not looking at him if you don't like this guy but just give a listen to his entire speech. 

Now I don't know if he is genuine or just theatrics. But anyway good speech for the average American. 

There were more plans to fix the country in that 20 minutes  speech than I heard in the last 4 years. 


Please Watch 


We're all like traumatized children when it comes to politics and politicians. Every election cycle we get our hopes up and tell ourselves "This time it's going to be different." 

So we listen to their promises of hope and change. And we believe them and hang their campaign signs on our lawns. 

And then what happens? They get into office and change their tune. We continue to bomb other countries, drive our nation into further debt, and prioritize wall street and corporations over the needs of the people. Over and over again, no matter who is in office. 

Rinse and repeat. 

The moment we stop giving our power away to lying politicians and realize the power we had within us all along, that's when things will finally turn around in a meaningful away. 

Until then? More garbage in, garbage out. 

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