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On 6/28/2020 at 10:40 AM, VerballyHazardous said:

Lack of Love, lack of God

Nihilistic ideologies

Bad parenting

Bad education

Toxic internet platforms

Bad food and drink

Bad air

Bad living habit

Suppressed feeling, thoughts, memories, traumas

Addiction of all kinds


Toxic masculinity

Toxic femininity

Poor living condition

Not knowing how to detect and resolve internal conflicts, which leads to suffering

Endless coping

Older generations blaming and shaming them

The ultimately empty chase of material


We look back and laugh at medieval people for not inderstanding bacterias, people from the future look back and laugh at us for not understanding emotions.

Damnson. /thread 

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Of course there is a lack of happiness in the west because there is no more sense of community and compassion. It's all about business. Companies are ruling the world and lobbying everything. All you see today is a big fake smile. And behind it: self-interest and selfishness.

Most happy people are living where is a strong community and support. Where you feel loved and useful. 

Some communities like in Okinawa for example, if they found out that someone is lonely and depressed they immediately gather in his house and help him out just by talking.

How many neighbors do you know in your building? Is someone depressed at this moment? Or maybe someone is sick, alone and needs help.

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