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Connor Murphy explains Nonduality to a Women from the Mental Health Service

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It's no joke to me because I have experienced and went through this stage and some of my friends did too...

Some of us are just so fucked... we're so unaware of all the bullshit we have deep inside of us... That when it really dawns on you then you just become crazy. All your conditioning, thoughts, emotions, they're no longer on 100-200% so you maintain the social media image, now they're on 1000% because you believe in yourself, you believe in the goodness and truth that is deep within you. So what are you doing?? You're playing the 1000% conditioning out!!!  He's exhausting himself. And that's a path many walk too! Especially here in the western world.

So, have a heart. He's not a bad guy. He's so real in his fakeness that it's triggering me.

I highly recommend this guy just shuts off social media, and moves out of the big town NOISE. get some quite, and live a mundane life on a farm.

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Here we go again…:

I kind of like the guy. He really seems at peace while explaining his 'mission' and non-duality to this lady from the mental healt services. ;) 

"Know yourself as nothing; feel yourself as everything." -- Rupert Spira

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