Green violence...Is it actually blue/red?

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2 hours ago, Carl-Richard said:

@Serotoninluv So in other words, I just need to develop a vivid sense of imagination in order to simulate an experience that is free from my own limited identity? Is this what empaths do?

That is a key, yet there are many degrees, nuances and related skills. 

Imagine asking “What’s it like to be a transgender person?”. Imagination is a key, yet there is a lot more to it. For example, what if someone was conditioned to believe that there is no such thing as being transgender? They believe that the person just makes it up for attention. This would be a major block. . . What if we were raised to believe that being transgender is deviant, immoral and disgusting? This would also be a block. It’s helpful to clear away this type of stuff, this allows space. 

Let’s say we cleared all of those blocks away. Curiosity is also super important. We’ve got to be super curious. Suppose we are exploring our sexuality and just got curious what it would be like to feel like being a woman in a man’s body. This opens the door. Then there are different layers and degrees of imagination. We could wonder what’s it like, yet feeling and experiencing it is much deeper. And yes, we would need to let go of the identity of being a heterosexual male. . . Imagine you meet a gal who is into kinky sex into role playing. She is super hot and she wants you to play a transgender person. A female in a male body. How well do you think you could role play it? Could you role play it so well, that you forgot you were a cis male and became so immersed in the role it actually felt real? This is an ability some people have. I’ve actually role played and most people suck at it. It’s obvious they are pretending and acting. . . One thing that can help is to go deep with someone who is actually that person. For example, let’s say we want to know what it’s like to be schizophrenic and we have a schizophrenic friend that is comfortable openly talking about it. . . Now imagine you will be playing a schizophrenic in a movie and you really need to know what this is like. This would change the dynamics of the conversation. Now we are asking questions like “What is it like? Is it like this? I had this type of experience on a psychedelic, it that kinda how it’s like”?

These types of exercises are great for developing empathy. Perhaps we go so deep into what it’s like to have schizophrenia that we dream we are. Or maybe one day we hear voices and freak out and think “Oh my god, this is what my friend was talking about. This is what it’s like”. This will give a greater sense of empathy to relate to people with schizophrenia. This empathy is distinct from compassion or sympathy. 

Empaths generally have good imagination skills, yet they can also sense in a way that isn’t traditionally considered imagination. There is also an extra sensory perception. . . For example, do you imagine hearing? To me, it would be odd to say “I imagine what I’m hearing”. In a way, it’s imagination, yet it’s awkward to say it that way. It’s more like my hearing just happens. It’s just a sensory ability I have. Similarly, empaths can have an extra sensory perception, to various degrees. For example, my baseline empathic ability is higher than the general population, yet relatively low for an empath. However, sometimes it gets turned on. It would be like being able to hear to so well, yet sometimes hearing gets activated and you can hear things very well. 

And one can go beyond what they thought was possible. One can become a rabbit or tree and get a sense of what its like. 

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@Serotoninluv That's really interesting :). When you talked about hearing vs. imagination, it reminded me of one time many years ago when I was walking down a road after smoking weed and I didn't have any headphones to listen to music with, so I started to intentionally "play" the song in my head just for the sake of curiosity. It might be because I'm musically inclined, but when I really tried to focus in on the "sounds", it almost started to feel like I was actually listening to the song. It was kinda freaky, and when I look back in hindsight, that was sort of a clue that reality actually IS imagination and that I'm creating it. I guess that potential for immersion and creativity is so much larger than I could've ever "imagined" back then LOL.

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Intrinsic joy is revealed in the marriage of meaning and being.

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If you think in terms of one group vs another then green advocating for violence makes sense. "Green" is just a collective of people with shared interests in conflict with another group of people whose interests are in opposition to theirs. Violence is just a tool to hurt the enemy and advance your interests. I guess some "greens" have an ideological stance against violence but in the end ideology and principles are fluff and what matters are people's actual needs and everyone understands this deep down. Actual needs always trumps ideology and principles.

The reason you would be hesitant to use violence is because you see other as you. You see that you would be literally using violence against yourself, not figuratively but literally. This recognition is so rare, almost no one thinks this way. SD recognizes this as the line between green and yellow.

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this is how I see it:

people on streets doing violence - blue/red thugs

the media and people at home cheering up - green

"Beyond fear, destiny awaits" - Dune


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On 6/6/2020 at 5:33 PM, Serotoninluv said:


Consider this mindset:

It seems to me that the green people who like violence and speaking on this level actually letting out a sort of repressed blue "us as a collective vs. them" dogmatic type thinking and it regresses to red: power, intimidation, ego, shouting, violence.“

Notice the detachment here. . . “It seems to me (1) that green people (2). . . “. You have separated yourself from “green people”. This is indicative of a gap of being green. You don’t know what it’s like to be Green. A person that has developed through green and into yellow would not say “me” and “green people”, because they ARE a green person. They have embodied green. They know exactly what it’s like because it’s them. They have direct access to it. 

To me, you are trying to go yellow without the integration of green. 

Thank you so much for the very nuanced and thought provoking discussion.  I want to understand more about what you're saying and play with some more examples, but it's hard here.

I think however we are reaching a limitation of format here, where I can write pages back to you and then you write back to me and we don't really get what people get in a real time conversation.

Would you like to schedule a time where we can get on a call and unpack these ideas a little more in a real time discussion, record it for the community to listen to?  Let me know.

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