Biohacking - Nootropics For Memory, Mood And Energy

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Hi all. This is my first topic so bear with me.  So, I wanted to share a side venture of self help I've dived into over the past year which is bio hacking. Predominantly for the mind. Before I continue, its well known that supplementation isn't meant to replace a healthy diet and excersize and I don't claim at any point that this makes me more healthy. None the less, Leo has covered supplementation in his videos going over various vitamins and touched on curiosity of mind enhancing supplements so I thought I'd share my experience. What was the goal? Well there wasn't one. It was an experiment off the back of research (via various forums) as to attempt to improve my cognitive ability. I'm an IT tech so rely heavily on my mind for my job. I learn constantly and retaining information is priceless (and recognised by peers). The problem I had was I was OK at remembering things but I wanted an edge but without caffeine's negative, stress hormone, mood bending properties. So I stumbled across Nootropics. I stack a few different ones to give an overall effect. I will stress as powder like as they look, by no means are they narcotics, just to be straight. To cut a long story short the end result has been pretty impressive. I've passed 2 Microsoft exams in the past year with another at the end of this month. My general awareness is heightened. Focus is clean and on point and my energy levels are stable at a constant mid high. Not a Looney tune but not lazy either. I've mixed these up with vitamins too which also compliment brain, mood and overall well-being. The Nootropics I take daily are: Aniracetam Noopept Sulbutiamine Alpha GPC Vits are: Omega 3 Vit  D3 A-Z multivitamin So for any biohacking curious or for those with mentally challenging jobs, I'd highly recommend trying Nootropics. For those who already take these supplements, please share with me as I'd love to hear your stack / results! Thanks guys
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