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Hello EveryOne!  :D
Here is something that I wrote today after I did some consciousness work and I want this to be my first post here on actualized.org as I am so happy to be here and connect with you all on the heart level.

I'd love to read anything that you wrote recently, so feel free to share! :D

Existence is all there is. It's not a Place.
It's where experiences are taking Place.
When I look into your eyes I'm making love to my eternal nature, for I am You.
Each and every moment the Godhead is coming home to itself, for We are both Eternity and God.
Waking up to infinite love is experiencing ourselves as The everlasting consciousness and realizing Oneness.
We are both absolute goodness & all-powerfulness, for we are Love.
We are always connected, for we are One.
Dear Existence,
You are so unconditionally loving that even when you 'forget' what you truly are and you don't remeber that you are one with all that is, you always love everything infinitely much, for even when I thought the universe is separate from me I loved everything as much as I love myself, the same way that I love You now that I became God-realized.
I love You 

Infinitely much


Also, here are a few songs that are very close to my heart and I want to share them with you, so you can feel me while listening to them, telepathically.

Bless ya



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Nice post. Thanks for sharing. :)


INFJ-T,ptsd,BPD, autism, anger issues

Cleared out ignore list today. 


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7 hours ago, Preety_India said:


Nice post. Thanks for sharing. :)


Thank you for feeling into my being ❤ Much love :x

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