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Art Contemplation

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I'm being very impulsive about making this journal here, but I think it will keep me working at it if I share with others. It also might turn into a Life Purpose contemplation at some point, or it may be more spiritual oriented or practical (because as you will see I'm trying to inspire myself to write a good story).


some insights (that may or may not be true)

- Emotional flow/emotions in general: how much your egos concerns are heard (when you cry it sucks, but theirs a rightness to it that you want)

- Spiritual: of high relevance to your sense of self (this definition works for this case specifically and may change for other uses) 

- Communication: referring to human phycology and concepts being shared through a medium

- Emotional art includes phycological reasons for crying; We experience the perspective that someone who was actually emotional would have (this is why I think sometimes artists who are on talk shows say - good art comes from the heart)

     - A mistake I see in movies a lot is that they think that if they cast 2 hot people and make a love plot and they kiss and stuff, first of all, only people who think they are hot will care. Second of all, because they kiss doesn't mean we experience the same perspective. Our perspective is "I see 2 people kissing", but to make you feel emotional the perspective needs to be "I am kissing" and it becomes that when you become attached and care about characters, which you can achieve through different ways (exposure to the character / appealing to audience). These scenes are trying very hard to be clothed porn, but that's hard since everyone has different preferences, instead focus less on making a relationship sexual/romantic, and more universal things: For example singing that's done well feels romantic.



to ties those back to my thinking, it would somewhere along the lines of: to make good art you need to create emotional flow for your audience, and to make it more deeper you'll have to make it spiritual, and you'll do all of this through communication which focuses on expressing that emotional perspective.



other thoughts

- I've contemplated on this subject for many hours now, and it seems sort of selfish almost, because my basic goal is to make good art in hopes that I get that artistic high more easily. I hope contemplating this way will lead to a better way of looking at it, so it might turn into spiritual or life purpose contemplation at some point.

- Feel free to comment/question about anything

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