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I wanted to trip for a couple of weeks now but didn’t get the chance. Today was different. Woke up early and felt the vibe. 

So I got out the ol’ pile of mushrooms and prepared a nice cup of tea. Lit a candle, drank the drink and waited for a bit. 

Some fear came up. Bit of heart beating. Nothing to special. 


20 minutes in the mushroom became a bit twisted.

The only thing I can recall clearly is that I became aware of the fact that I am constantly talking to myself. And that there is not only one of me… more like four. These were like "sheets" of personality. One is optimistic, one is hopeless, one is skeptic and one is comical. And they are constantly interacting and overlapping. Then the vision zoomed out and I saw that these "sheets of personality" were attached to a tentacle of some sort. And this tentacle was part of a huge, black octopus-esque “thing”. 

Bit weird but hey, that’s mushrooms for you. 


After that the trip became more intense and I had the first brief taste back into Nonduality.

Got back out a minute later. There was business to be handled. 

I realized that the ol’ ego was still on the ride. There was a want to surrender. First up was language. So no more narrating the trip - the rest was nonverbal. 


Next up was life itself.

I've died before on psychedelics. Not always in a pleasant or gentle way. This one was different though. There was willingness, softness and complete surrender

First I lived through my own death then I lived through the death of an old woman which seemed like a past life. 

Dying was easy. The scene was melancholic and gentle. It seemed like “death” in a conventional way is a choice of the soul. 

I saw my own body there with people around it. I was already gone from it but they hung on. I wanted to say to them: “Hey guys, I’m fine… life goes on over here” but in the same instance there was the realization that I couldn’t talk to them anymore. Which was fine as well. 

The death of the woman I lived through was gentle as well. I told my family to leave the room so I could die in peace and solitude. 

Then, after “death” I went to a sort of forest clearing contained in a big room. Near the ceiling was a black opening in the wall. Out of it were flying tons of bright blue birds. Like a constant stream. It was the trippiest thing I’ve seen in a long while. 


I went towards the opening, looked inside and saw myself. 

Simple as that. I merged back into the One. There was awareness of infinite intelligence within that I created the all. And there was Self Love.

Cruel, demonic, diabolic scenes came up and realized that this is Love precisely


Then the labels fell away and there was only Self-Love. 


After some time the "I" came back to life. Slowly back to normal. I kinda wanted to go back. Dying seemed so simple compared to living.

Alas there is no death. It’s just Life. 

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@cle103 Interesting insights! I haven’t tried 3 gms before only 2 but feel it might something to eventually experiment with. 

I find the ways that ego is narrated throughout a trip very enlightening. Your descriptions almost seem like a birth and collapse of many self-hoods. It’s like the ego wears a number of masks all of which need purifying (or dissolving) in order to develop oneself. 

The insights are implicit and sometimes tricky so it’s good you can unpack most of it.

How do you find your experience after these trips? Do you find much is forgotten quickly or each trip breaks you into a deeper layer permanently? 

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@Jacobsrw Thanks! 

Some details get forgotten however not the breakthroughs and big insights. Those stay. Regarding deeper layers, this is kinda hard to judge. I'd say yes. 

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Cool experience!!

I've had some insights like that on my first 3g trip too. Too bad it was so intense for my egoic mind I forgot a huge part of it.

Keep it going!!:D

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3g can be pretty intense. Dial is back.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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@Espaim Cheers, I will ;) 

@Leo Gura Indeed, however I found it to be manageable. Is there a gram range you'd recommend sticking to? 

From my experience 1.5-2.5 is more about shadow work and purification. 2.5-4 I begin having breakthroughs. And 4+ it gets pretty wild. Although it's hard to categorize like that. 

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