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Hi everyone,

I’ve been on here for several years now and just thought with the value I’ve already attained that I’d share some recent life changes for the purposes of feedback.

So I’ve been studying psychology for the last few years and should be graduating around the start of next year.

My plans are to focus my future work primarily around psychological health, art and consciousness work. I have a business on the side that I work on and develop products/content etc. but I have now recently stepped into the Human Resources sector to supplement my study. This job description is ‘Youth Mentor’.

Which essentially, entails working in residential housing with young people who are troubled, un-homed and/or misfortunate. I’ve been working there for about a month now and it’s been fairly good so far. However, the job is definitely challenging and psychologically taxing.

I do my best to see the relationship between my consciousness work in my personal life and the work itself. Though at times, this is difficult to do, due to the demand of the job itself.

These demands may be but are not limited to: abuse, non-compliant young people, escalations or just generally maintaining house order. My trouble is trying to maintain my consciousness practices while working.

At times it slips by the mind due to heightened situations. My question is, how does one do their best to maintain good healthy practice while working a challenging job?

Has anyone had any experience in this field, the health sector, support work or any type of challenging work in the social sciences?

What have been some useful methods which instil and maintain a balanced sense of self in these fields?

Thank you in advance ?


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@njuufa in youth work?

No I haven’t but that’s a great idea. Someone more experienced in the field would be great in sharing insight.

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Learn and improve social/leadership skills. Be loving but at the same time be authoritative so you can cut out the abuse, noncompliant youth, escalations and better maintain house order. It certainly won't eliminate everything but it definitely will significantly cut out the bullshit. Take the beneficial ideas of being an "Alpha Male" and throw out the crap. Many will try to make you their bitch and walk over you. They have been made that way due to their life situation. Supplement your compassion with a show of strength.

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