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Astral Trip Report (Seems similar to dmt)

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Before the trip (12-3am)

Around this time I woke up multiple times. This is probably because my brother had the tv which I eventually turned off. Because of waking up so much I experienced many lucid dreams. Some were scary, some were funny, and some were nostalgic. Then after one dream I realize I was on a similar plane of existence that sleep paralysis usually happens in but I had my eyes closed. 

The trip (around 3am-4am)

I said “infinity now” then felt body expanding / shattering. I got kinda scared and thought do I wanna back out but remembered I shouldn’t resist since I was already in such a high thought responsive plane of existence so I just kept an empty mind. I was trust/auto-piloted  into many beautiful high definition fractals while really nice unique music played in the background. First I was in a darkness then I went into a really cool place that was so unique that I forgot it but it was like a kaleidoscope / fractal and it reminded me of infinity in a fractal way. I could still see my human hands at that time and when I moved my hands all of the fractal art that I could see moved with my hands. I was traveling deeper into the infinite art as I was doing this and the art was never ending. Then i went into a place of beautiful molecules and chemicals that were all around me as I travelled deeper in the infinite art. Then I was in a huge crystal clear room that was super beautiful even more high definition than this current plane of existence(my human eyes are 20/25). it was also too big for me to live in its as if giant modern humans would live there it was like a modern house but super artistic. Then I was in another beautiful room so clear and beautiful my eyes started tearing with because of the beauty/gratitude. Then the song that was playing came to an end the last words from the song I remember are “find a way” the words are not as important because language is so limited but I still want to remember them. The emotions I felt were so amazing during that trip first it was first fear then eventually so much amazement I eventually noticed I was not breathing or blinking(did not need to on that plane) because I was so focused on the infinite fractal beauty all around me. It felt like I went on a trip similar to what ppl say they exp on dmt. 

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