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7/30- Be a practical dreamer, backed by action.

So unfortunately I still need to keep these to do lists running because I'm noticing some of these little things that are popping up right now I'm just kind of sweeping to the side and falling through the cracks

Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day
- Hell project
- Email Marketing
-  Upwork

Relationships I Can Improve / Build

- Jo

- Agent
- Contact
- Natalie
- Roland
- I 
- L

I'm Grateful For:

1- My friends
2- My business
3- My mentors

One Thing I Did That Sucked

I closed a new deal today, and it's pretty big... candidly guys I don't even want clients right now.... this hell project is so consuming that I don't even want to pay attention to people's campaigns.

It'll make a pretty good case study I suppose...

One Conflict Point in the Day

Didn't really have any... which I guess is good news but bad news at the same time.

Cool Things From My Day

Friend just invited me out to Istanbul, Turkey - one of my friends that set up a cleaning business then ran it through SEO and Facebook Ads... put a CPO in there and now just travels non stop- Just turned 30, business generates him 600k-1mil a year.


Just got new running shoes... so excited for my run tomorrow with these beauts!! Good pair of adidas, my next pair after this is going to probably be salomon's trail running shoes... I'm really into this.

Also in case you're wondering what I'm watching while doing my hell project, it's podcasts, music, and different youtube videos this is the one I'm watching today-- her name is Ava Addams I thinkk She's a porn actress- only saw one of her videos... but why Sombra why are you watching this-- lol-- I steal so many "frames" from women it's not even funny... like even the "my nose is itching thing".... you BEST BELIEVE i'm copying that line lol.

Again- but why-- look it makes you more of an interesting / magnetic person... Maybe that doesn't make sense to you guys... It does to me though.

One of my buddies sent a 23 minute voice recording of him closing a 12.4k deal today... have to listen to it... seems like it's going to be pretty good.

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Lesson of the Day: Using Energy to Overcome Time

Alright Albert Einstein once said compound interest is the 8th world wonder-- and I have to agree.

So let's continue here and don't let the scientific title scare you... 

Stephen Hawkings might've possibly been one of the smartest people of all time, and not just smart he's also insightful, especially in the way he understands things- but is he infallible- no of course not, no human is, but certainly great to listen to.

He even wrote his books like The Grand Design, The Universe in a Nutshell, The Theory of Everything, by moving his jaw... Stephen Hawkings was the scientist that was in a wheelchair because he was paralyzed by ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease- and usually that is a relatively certain "quick" death... but he outlived expectations by decades.

Funny how if you ever feel like you can't do something, there is a guy who is writing books and solving massive equations in math using his cheek to communicate through a specially programmed robotic communication assistant.

Stephen Hawkings thought at one point in his career that the universe was like rubberband in most forms. Like not only would space time expand, but then it would retract. Like breathing. Like the Benjamin Button affect where Time and Space would move "fowards" but then as we know it at one point it literally would move backwards.

Later in his studies he said he realized he was wrong. Now as far as we can tell scientifically time will never reverse.

There's three versions of time we all consider to be accurate.

According to Einstein, there is Psychological time

And that's like you're with someone you love- time seems to fly.
Or like when you work some job you don't really like, and you're looking at the clock every minute and no time seems to be passing- that is psychological.

Then there is cosmological time.

And that too always moves forward

And there is thermodynamic time
Still moving forward.

So what does all of this mean on a practical basis...

Seneca the Philosopher says- Life is Long if you know how to use it.

Now time in our life also has built in entropy. And what is entropy- entropy is that chaos is caused by the passing of time.

And I don't have all the answers to life- but I DO know with a pretty good bet... that you and I are just people moving through time. And the implications of that loop back to Seneca's belief that look- life is long enough, we're given a sufficient amount of it even for the highest achievements- but when your life is wasted on heedless luxury and spent on no good activity we are forced at last by deaths final constraint to realize it has passed away before we knew it was passing. So it is, we are not given a short life but we make it short. And we are not given a short supply, but we make waste of it. So most of our life is not even life... it is burning time.

So much of our life is burning time.

And which that can be considered that most of our life is wasted on expectancy. Like you expect you can reverse mistakes, you expect you can get more time. And the SECOND you think you can correct these things instead of going in a straight line for what you want-- you'll go in frivolous circles and loops because to you time is not that valuable.

So according to physics-- time can never be regained... and the most precious commodity we have is time. Money can be remade- Donald Trump at one point lost 8-9 billion in debt... and he made it all back- and you know what he hasn't made back... his time. Never... it's not going to happen.

And you obviously know this- but heed the words of Seneca- it's NOT that life is too short- you have plenty of good years- it's that you don't invest your years correctly.

And if that's true- what do you invest your time in-

Well you double down on yourself... and what that means to me, is you're reading, you're getting more educated... and believe it or not one of Seneca's 8 ways to waste your life is spending all your life trying to benefit the other people.

Because generally you're expolited to make other people rich- instead of investing and doubling down on yourself. So for you doubling down and investing in yourself is how you get rid of entropy. 

And how do you do this? The solution of entropy is an investment of your time, energy, and efforts into improving your life. And that's basically it.

Seneca's final answer on this subject is- you need to take time to yourself- you need to get away from the fray. Seneca believes most people spend their life almost like an animal.. like not even really thinking about anything their mind is invested into the rat race. And you have to step away from the rat race... you need to gain knowledge from other people, and inject it into your life.

And if you do not do this... day by day, your health will decay, your wealth will go downhill- Mike Tyson for example made 200-400 million or something in his career- was down to $15,000... entropy will also try to take your money away from you. Entropy is part of thermodynamics- the further you get from the fire, the cooler you get... if you want to stay warm you need to stay close.

When I was 21 I would frequently go 3-4 days without sleeping... Worked 2 jobs and an internship. Went to school. Hit the gym daily, and went out clubbing literally every night.... I can't do that now... I just can't not with that kind of vigor. Because as the years pass it gets a little bit harder.

But what's the solution- there's 72 year old body builders in amazing shape... And the guy looks like he's 25. Why because every single day he injected energy into his life. And what's he doing- he's fighting energy- and he's slowing down entropy- You won't stop time... but you can slow it. And most people rush through time.

Most people rush by what they eat, how they treat their body, what the invest or don't invest in... They do it in their social life. It's actually proven that most people have the most friends when they're in college and it goes downhill from there- you get less social you get less happy.

Look at a little kid- not a care in the world. But look at people that are 40 they're taking anti anxiety they're taking sleeping pills... Will you ever get away from entropy no. Fighting this cycle to that extent is a fools game because nature laughs last.

So you do have to remember the future.

There is evidence whether you believe in string theory or god or whatever- you can kind of know the future. How is that? It's the books you're reading, its the simulation you're doing by learning from other people. Like Stephen Hawking- much greater mind than me, Seneca much better philosopher than me... its not that you're just slowing down time but you're getting insight.

Seneca says when you begin to take an interest in knowledge and philosophy, when you take time out of your day to get away from the noisiness of time and to actually learn, you will begin "to transcend" time. You'll make friends with people that are dead-you'll learn basically from Gandhi, you'll learn from Aristotle, You'll learn from Shakespeare.

Here's his quote

"None of these will force you to die, but all will teach you. None of them will exhaust your years, but each will contribute to your years. What none of these conversations will be is dangerous, you can take from them whatever you wish. What happiness and fine old age awaits the person that makes themselves a client of these great thinkers. He will have friends that he can ask the opinions on of the most troublesome and the most trivial. You can consult daily with them. And they will tell you the truth without insulting you or praising you, without flattery. And they will offer you a pattern on which to model yourself. You're in the habit of saying it was not in your habit to choose the parents you were allotted and that they were given to you by chance. But we can choose which children we would like to be. There is households of the noblest intellects and choose the one into which you wish to be adopted and you will inherit not only their name but their property too. The more it is shared out the greater it will become, these will offer you to the path of immortality and a point to which no one is cast down. This is the only way to access immortality."

The enemy of a good life is expectancy- like OH what am I going to do on vacation- oh TGIF- so only fools are people that expect a good life in the future. You are to live a good life now, and plan. And it can be the greatest of all adventures for you.

Question for you: What or who could you be embracing that you have procrastinating seeking out (who have you not learned from that you should)

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Starting your first Marketing Business: Telling Your Story With Social Media

So here is one of the most central themes for client acquisition. 

There are different people that have and will approach your clients and what's going to differentiate you is number 1 what you have actually done, but another thing is another central skill- and what is brand story telling.

Your specialty should absolutely be brand storytelling.

So if you look through snapchat at like Tacobell or MTV they're usually really bad-- even Pepsi is pretty bad. And when you look at it and dissect it is- there is no story line. 

The human brain doesn't learn by facts.

You usually remember a lot more from stories. There is suspense, there is the unknown, there is beauty, then romance, then drama. Like people are learning more from the TV show about Vikings than the textbooks about Vikings. And a lot of people get their idea of history from things on TV.

So what you're going to do for your customers because if you don't bring people customers they stop paying you.... again you're going to be charging people $1,000-$10,000 a month you have to get good at this.

If you're managing their twitter, their google ppc, their facebook, their instagram, email marketing-- you're going to be weaving a story.

So a good place to start is start watching more movies... like honestly.
But find top rated movies and watch them a bit differently than before. And you should watch them like you're analyzing a story. 

So here is some of the elements of a story. I actually had a partial scholarship in college for my writing... so it's sound advice.

1) It needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

What you need in the beginning is a hook.
In movies like Star Wars, George Lucas in the very opening sets these huge action scenes.
Indiana Jones- Stephen Spielberg- in the beginning he's in a cave- and you're hooked right away.

There are tons of viral videos out of there that tap into this too.

The hook.

Lets say you have a client that has a dentist, an auto dealership, a pizza resturant... you need to have something that pattern interrupts people.

MTV is like all randomness and you want to NOT do that. You want to do it right.

The Plot

The plot needs a little drama, a little mystery, and a little suspense... 
Basically notice how things progress.. it's almost like a second hook you're going for to try to get people to figure out what exactly is actually going on.

The last thing is a resolution.

A good advertisement needs something to feel fulfilled- and that's how you get customers to take an action.

So lets say you have a Cosmetic Surgeon's Website- you'll often see "fill out this form"... but that's starting with the end.
You don't want to do that. The reason why clickfunnels are so effective is because they get this idea.

Say you have Bob the Plastic Surgeon- 

Interrupt people with a fact- like a hook- like did you know for under $3,000 most people can solve physical problems they've been insecure about their whole life? And that's a good hook because most people have physical insecurities.

Then you can tell the story which is a plot- like a video on their website- then you cut into an actual story with real characters- like Susie was a real customer that came to me and in 3rd grade she started getting made fun of because of a mole on her face- then at 16 it only got worse- then can you cut to the customer getting talked to by the surgeon... and it's like you're building up this plot- this drama where people go WOW I connect with this.

And then you end it with Bob has put together a form below that you can fill out what your biggest insecurity is and Bob will get back to you with the minimum cost of how much he thinks it would take to fix that.

So that's a simple thing... but at the same time- it shouldn't just start with FILL OUT A FORM because you haven't put together a story yet.

The next thing you have to know is you're going to do this not just on their website, but their twitter, their instagram, their facebook, their facebook live-- and I can just tell you this- this stuff REALLY works.

You're going to start seeing results... if you had a surgeon your surgeon is going to be blown away.
And by telling a story their customers are going to respond well to this.

Their website is going to go from generating 5 clients a month to 10-15 and you say Bob that's why you pay me $5,000 a month. And the more results you get, the more you can convince your customers to upgrade.

You say you've been on this package, but I think we can do even better, I want to put you in a premium program.

Just keep in mind a few principles...

The most important thing that one of my mentors taught me in marketing is - Congruency.
Tell the same story for the customers on ALL of their platforms.

So have consistent messages for your businesses.

On their twitter post articles about insecurities and it will bolster the story they're telling on their website.

So you're rebranding the plastic surgeon with a better story.

Some other hypotheticals- lets say restaurants... Restaurants are relatively easy because they usually are mom and pop shops- Like have you ever had pizza at a place where the original recipe came from Rome or Palermo or something.

Years ago Giuseppe and Maime came from Italy, and he grandmother handed the recipe on the death bed and they came on a boat to ellis island and they started with one store and now they've expanded the recipe.

And you have this story- where you're naming names- like Grandma Martina- and they're so excited to pass on this recipe that if you go to this link you'll get a coupon for whatever at the restaurant.

Real Estate Agents

Same thing- most real estate agents cant differentiate them from the public. 

Susie grew up in the inner city and never had a home- run down apartment, single home and one of her dreams was helping people give people their own homes- and she went out after highschool and trained under this master realtors and she sold homes under 100 and 200,000.

Most people are too broad... you need to go specific it's better- add little details.

You'll even see this with attorneys and dentists- cosmetic dentists, divorce attorneys that kind of thing...

But you need that core consistent story.

Now here's a question for you.

Question for you: What's your brand story?

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7/31-Try the impossible to show that it can be done

Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day
- Hell project (estimated finish date end of August)

Relationships I Can Improve / Build

- Lol might remove this for right now I'm not trying to build relationships or do favors for anyone right now

- Agent
- Contact
- Natalie
- Roland
- I 

I'm Grateful For:


One Thing I Did That Sucked

One Conflict Point in the Day

Cool Things From My Day

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Just as a said going into covid... the motherfuckers that didn't know how to make money before won't know how to make money now.... Some of you guys frankly just got fucked and I take no pleasure in that... but what I meant was... your guys minds are so fucked up that IT DOESNT MATTER IF TIMES OR GOOD OR BAD YOU GUYS WILL CONSTANTLY SUFFER FROM YOUR OWN SELF JUDGEMENT AND LOW FUCKING SELF ESTEEM.

Read that last line over a few times so it sticks


Because if you guys actually had a pair NOTHING would bother you.

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Caught Up with an Old Friend Today

So my old friend and I caught up today-- one of the best wings I ever had / do have. He knows nothing about game, but on average when we'd go out we'd hit bars and within only a couple hours (since he and I at the time couldn't be out late all night) he'd rip through 5-6 numbers a night and makeout with 1-2 girls in the bar quite consistently.

Love this guy, I have quite a few good stories with him-- and we (shockingly) think quite similarly on a lot of things in our life. Very trainable too-- when I first started going out with the guy we actually met up after he was recovering from a college basketball brain injury... he was elbowed and accidentally tripped at the same time, smashed his head on the ground and cracked his skull open... had to relearn how to walk. 

Anyways I'm not going to say much about the night in general. Just going to share this kind of stories we caught up with. So he's 6'2" and looks like a male stripper lol- even went to the bar a couple of days ago and had milfs asking him how much they'd get for $20... He's not a stripper though.

He use to be a bartender and then quit the job because he started fucking too many girls he worked with. 

Made some good money off the stock market's "bottom" just a couple months ago, and is finding property in the area to invest in. Going to a house tomorrow. He's trying to buy 1 multifamily home a year basically.

Real Don Draper type too... He's just pretty blunt and forward but not in a rude way- it makes him good to game with because most guys I go out with are more on the people pleaser side of the spectrum... He's more on the, react to me bitch side of the spectrum lol. Just finished a course at Wharton too so highly values education.

Told me this crazy fucking story of a psycho chick he was fucking that punched her fucking dog in the nose for biting him during sex... LIKE WTF. 

Idk if there's a real point in this thread. I really just believe that there is value at just sending this shit out there for people to read.

Still on like 4 hours of sleep... and I think you guys wonder... you know whats the deal with that... aren't you just exhausted all the time-- last week you said you only probably got around 10 hours for the entire week... which is probably true.

Yeah... sort of I feel exhausted... but here's the thing... If I don't get hit by a bus one day or fucking shot... one day I'm going to be an old man... dying of cancer or some horrible shit.... and I would give anything to feel young and exhausted again... anything.

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Lesson of the Day: Removing Disabling Ignorance

Peter Drucker has a lot of books-- some of you may have read them-- I recommend you read a lot of those books. He has one part in the book Managing Oneselves where he says we all have to remove what is called- Disabling Ignorance.

Donald Rumsfeld had a good quote - as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.

He gave three catgorizations.

There's things that you and I know, pretty well- you know if you're a male or a female- you know if you're doing well financially or aren't doing well financially-- these are pretty easy to measure things.

Then there's things you know that you don't know- If I asked you to explain perfectly E=MC^2-- I personally get this concept but to understand Einsteins Theory of relatively only literally a couple other scientists have ever said they comprehend it to the same degree Einstein has.... On a smaller level there's probably little things you know that you don't know-- say I was to ask you to define EBITDA most of you don't know that. If I told you how to change a tire... some of you still won't know that... so that's known unknown. 

If I asked you to explain the chemical composition of fire in your fireplace... that's the point

But the thing that will get you is the last one--- the unknown unknowns- meaning you THINK you know... but you don't know.. OR you there are things you don't even know that you don't know- Peter Drucker just calls that Disabling Ignorance.

If you run a business there are people that are literally disabled by rules- you'll talk to employees or contractors of yours and you say can you do it xyz way-- and they say no we can't and then you ask well why can't you... and they say oh because it's against the rules, or oh because it just never has been done like that before.

Warren Buffett says you should get rid of "one good idea" a year. So for example let's say you have a belief about Sports... that sports is mindless. Well is that really true or is that an ignorant statement? Sports have played a tremendous roll in human life. Like music- people have disabling concepts of music, or Sombra why read that book-- Warren Buffett is a billionaire why would I want to read that.

So have you even taken time to analyze that idea....

It's like Warren Buffett is a billionaire... I don't want to be a billionaire... therefore... there's nothing to learn??
That's a disabling ignorance-- WHY that's just a rule you made up... Even if you don't want to be a billionaire you can still learn from billionaires... 

And what you find with the more people that you talk to that least successful people have THE MOST disabling ignorance of all-- with more rules than anybody else... Counter-intuitively the most successful people have the least amount of rules basically ever.

Your mind is like an attic- author of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Doyle wrote that. Wattson asked Sherlock in one of the books why don't you know that Sherlock- and he responded your mind is like an attic- it gets full.

So as we piece this together- of disabling ignorance, that we invent rules and thats why we're ignorant, and these made up rules begin to clutter up the attic- and thats why Buffett says every year you should get rid of one big idea.

So maybe that's your political stance- maybe you're a republican, democrat, libertarian, whatever... just get rid of it- You might say no Sombra people need convictions- Well Nietzche said convictions are a greater enemy of truth than lies.

You can have convictions, but they can't be unfounded ignorant ones. And you'd be surprised how many things people believe that are ignorant-- but they only realize it 20 years later.

Like people look back at the 50's for some reason as a cool time they'd want to live in-- but that's a pretty ignorant time in history too. There were white people getting arrested for going into colored bathrooms in the 50's... and that's how ignorant the world is. Women were considered less intelligent than men- black people are subhuman... and NOW we look back and laugh at that like ahaha how could society follow those rules... But let's bring that back TO RIGHT NOW.

If there has been ignorance like that at every point in history- what makes you think you're immune to that right now....

Ignorance is a human condition....

And it is only removed through careful operation. So it requires an operation because it WILL NOT come naturally... At least not in this COMPLEX world- in a simple world yes it probably was pretty easy... like if you're a small town farmer or you're still living in a tribe or whatever... that is pretty easy to change beliefs around because things are so tight knit and flexible.... But in a complex world where there is a lot of clutter... and a lot of noise... there's a lot of external stimulus that you have to parse properly-- and there might have been ignorance in a different way even if you were in a small town-- like you're ignorant because you have a lack of knowledge- but NOW there is just TOO much.

So NOW we're ignorant because we think we know too much.

What has a major cause for wars. Sometimes its resources like Japan in WWII actually became an axis force because they felt as if they wouldn't have enough land for their population-- but at other times in history you had people killing each other over what they considered to be "holy land".. Where an invented rule said THIS LAND is holy... you don't think you can come up with other rules- like maybe theres no physical place that's holy you make a place holy...

But not trying to get into that idea.

An apple a day keeps the doctor a way-- that's another rule... And you reap what you sow.... So you face the consequences health wise of eating an apple every day.

You plant weeds... or you plant nothing-- you sow nothing... You plant a good idea, it can sow, it can be harvested.

Let's say a candy bar a day keeps the doctor away... is that going to keep you healthy?

Philosophies can be disabling rules. And I challenge people to go deep into their religion, philosophies and morals and see why you decided those things were accurate. You probably decided your beliefs BECAUSE you grew up around it... and what you grew up around is an irrelevant factor... 

So here's some common places of disabiling ignorance

How you critique other people
Most people have an obsession with certain music, politics, movies, whatever because they feel very strongly about it... but ask yourself why are you so fixated at defending these ideas....

Is Justin Bieber really dumb? Why do you feel like he's dumb?

Ask yourself that three times...
Well in a way some of it is dumb. But if you go deeper maybe there's something to learn from it...

But if you have this empirical consistent disabling bias- but there's lessons there you can learn. 

For example there's interesting reasons why we're attracted to certain musical patterns. The real lesson there is go deeper be wiser. 

Maybe the new rule is Justin Bieber isn't an interesting person to you, but it does lead to a deeper understanding of the human psyche. THAT is much more powerful.

People also have an innate authority complex- like people will listen to others that everyone else is listening to JUST BECAUSE others are listening to that person. This is a bias as well. 

If everyone is following Oprah Winfrey they're doing it because she probably is giving better advice than other people-- but not necessarily-- crowds can be wrong. But generally there's a reason.

Diet is another thing- hardcore vegan, hardcore vegetarian, carnivore diet, keto, do whatever you want fuck it we're going to die.

With vegetarians it's like why don't you eat animals-- and they say oh because I don't eat anything that can die... and it's like well plants die... Michael Pollen is a Berkeley professor and he had a quote that when you harvest plants maybe they have their own version of screaming.... That smell when cut grass- maybe that's how plants communicate with each other- I'm not trying to go off the deep end here but maybe there is a rule that you do have to kill to survive.

And I believe that.

Again a simple rule is to ask yourself - why is this idea I have that I'm certain is right, wrong... about 3 times and go deeper...

Paleo why do you believe you should eat meat? Because if you believe our ancestors ate meat it actually depends on which ancestors... So you have to go deeper on long held assumptions and belief.

Diet, Spirituality, People you Critique, Politics FOR SURE- I see more disabling ignorance and more foolishness -- I don't even tread there because it's HORRIBLE, Morality-- should gays be able to get married or not married-- that's a moral argument, Abortion whether it's right to abort ot not.. I'm not going to tell you the answers because I don't know if there's answers people exactly want to hear.

But I do think there is more accurate sides... Politically I think there's more accurate sides. I tend to take a side.

Charlie Munger says before you have the right to have an opinion you have to be able to argue the other side better than your opposition.

So before you can become a vegetarian you have to be able to argue against vegetarianism better than the anti vegetarians can. You should be able to argue the anti better than your opponents- and that gives you the right to efficiently let you be a believer.

I don't believe it's respectable to believe in what you believe just because other people you're friends with or your parents always believed in a certain thing... I don't believe that you should respect yourself or other people that believe that they should ONLY believe what they believe because someone told them to believe it and never challenged it.

I believe it was Charlie Munger who said this about Sam Walton before he died, but don't quote me on who said it-- I never met a man who was less concerned with making a mistake than him. When he made a mistake, he just moved on...

Who cares... people are going to laugh at you no matter what you do.

Who cares.

You're going to learn when you get older that people are so selfish... that even if you do change, people are going to laugh for a second, but then they're going to be so busy with themselves that they'll just move on because they don't care. Change on a dime-- it's a mark of a refined mind.

Because while most people are meandering, you're going to have a clear mind, a focused mind that is not weighed down by all of these random assumptions-- and you can't believe how many assumptions you carry just from your childhood.

Whether it's how you dress, your religious/ political views, your self concept...

You want to change those things... get out more...  Travel more- go to places where people have vastly different outlooks on life... Here's a shocking one, I've met a lot of people from Muslim parts of Asia where poverty is high... THEY LOVE TRUMP... How does that even add up... right... well when you talk to them... you realize that he reminds them of their parents or something... because they see him talking in a straight forward way and condemning "bad muslims"... and they're like man we feel the same way... they didn't like Obama... because they saw him as a guy that was aiding mosques that would send 90% of that to the middle east to attack allied forces anyways....

 That said I liked Obama too... I liked his IDEA of healthcare although that was catastrophic for people economically... I think it would've inspired people to take more action and get jobs with benefits etc-- for example his obamacare system ended up fucking a lot of lower class people and some of them ended up having to pay $650 - $1,500 premiums a month on their insurance... but... at least it kicked them to get a job... I'm not getting into the health insurance argument here though just making an observation because there's a lot to be said-- about it both positively and negatively.


Question for you: What is something that you believe in and operate under the assumption of that you strongly believe to be true right now but never have considered even taking the opposite side on?

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Curating Your Influences

So this is just something that just came to my mind that I wanted to share and it's something I've regularly done for years to be honest. I don't consume anything that's negative... So that could be news, resentful comments, poor people thinking, complaints.... like I take this very seriously....

So when I make these posts and I have "cool things from my day"... that's hardly anything to me-- I HONESTLY think nothing of it... I hardly do 2 looks at it.... Yet some of you guys think 

1) I'm bragging
2) I'm qualifying myself to you 
3) I'm materialistic 

That's pretty sad... Very sad because those things mean nothing to me... but what does that say about the state of YOU.... not much... not much at all.

There's a saying show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

So even when I'm on Facebook-- I've at this point blocked everything that isn't basically success stories... I'll literally take a completely random screen shot right now of what my newsfeed looks like.


I talk to this first guy personally almost every other day- he teaches men how to build high status social circles professionally. He's had his social circle fly him out to massive mansion parties, gets driven around in Rolls Royces, all that kind of mind bending type shit....


Purple comment (although I don't agree with it-- I think EVERYWHERE should reopen to max capacity and masks should just be a mandate) anyways purple comment is a car salesman that makes 6 figures.

Green comment is one of my older online marketing buddies that I catch up with every now and then- agency is worth over 3 million a year. Super slick salesman too... 

Client I'm working with in the dating niche. Lives a baller lifestyle.


A guy I networked with years ago that wanted to work together on an SEO project-- he does dating stuff too, we actually have mutual friends and all that (actually had it with the last guy too) but yeah just another guy handling every area of his life.


Lastly guy with a huge family, multi millionaire ... was part of my weekly book club I held on Sundays for a while... 

Anyways whats the point in this silliness...

The point is compare your feed to mine... I guarantee yours is some fucking depressing pile of shit... or it's some politics fest where everyone is carrying this frenetic energy of anger.



Jesus Christ... it really is like how stupid can you get.

So basically anything negative on my newsfeed I IMMEDIATELY block out... I don't even have a newsfeed on Desktop version of facebook, had a plugin to get rid of it... because I don't want to see what you idiots are doing.

And if I kept scrolling my feed you'd guys see MORE things that make you uncomfortable- I've seen so much this month of people setting records in their business.... Yesterday saw my buddy crack 120k in rev for July 100k profit in a single month with a brand new website and paid ads to it...

But see again you guys think I'm qualifying myself to you.... That's not what I'm doing... I don't care how you think about me... because you're always wrong anyways- just like how you've always been for your whole miserable lives...

There's a small portion of you guys who see this correctly- meaning what I'm doing here when I share this content.

On one end it's selfish-- because when I take notes and share that, it hits different parts of your brain and you learn better... you comprehend it to a higher degree-- and there's a difference between knowing and comprehending.

But on the other end when I share content specifically like this-- I'm doing it to widen your mind... specifically- like YOURS as a reader... because I KNOW you guys suck.... you don't even have to tell me. I KNOW you guys are cringe... its obvious. I usually end up giving you guys MORE credit than you deserve, and that's my own delusional fault for thinking people are actually in the realm of smart, but time and time again people prove to me otherwise... you're all more or less hippies I get it... Like that "do not open plane while in flight" sticker-- that was DESIGNED FOR YOU. LIKE THATS FOR YOU.

But that still does not stop me or demotivating me from trying to help you get your own head out of your ass... Not that you ever will either.

So anyways my advice is pretty much curate your influences... get rid of all the losers in your life... I mean even family that posts negative news, get rid of them... Show me your friends I'll show you your future... okay. Great.

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Welcome to The City on a Hill|I Do It For The Block- That's Why Nobody's Stopping Me | Gradatim Ferociter | Christian | Just Do It

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Wealth is a Lifestyle Choice

When I say wealth is a lifestyle choice it really is... and to multiply your results in life whether it's financially or in terms of your sex life is up to you. It's why I'm so harsh and make fun of people...

Because it's like if you're actually a retard retard... like your brain doesn't work, it's genetic- it's not your fault you're actually a tard but it's not your fault. I don't make fun of those because it's not their fault- like how the fuck do you make fun of someone that didn't have a choice at something.

But the guy that had the ability to do something but still chose to have the outcomes of a retard-- how pathetic is that. The decisions you're making right now, later in life you're going to have a good friend, or a family member, or a good collegue-- somebody you care about, somebody that helped you out in life that you really care about and you respect that person.

They're going to have a crisis in their life later... and you might want to help them, like you really want to help them. And the way you're going to help them... the determinate of that is like-- what are you doing today?

Are you doing anything today that's creating a future surplus for you. Are you creating enough wealth? Are you creating enough abundance for yourself that not only are all of your needs met, but when someone like a close friend or a family member has a crisis-- you're making the decision that you're going to be able to help them or not.

And it's a whole different ball park when that event happens-- and it WILL happen in all of your lives... all of your lives... Everyone of yours.

Why don't you make the decision right now-- to create that tremendous wealth, to create that tremendous abundance, to have much more than you need- that when someone you care about has a problem you can help out.

And if it's a good friend they're going to say no no no no... and then you say no no.. remember that one time years ago when you helped me with that one thing and you didn't need to-- I really appreciated that, let me say thank you. 

And it's really up to you whether you get to be that type of person or not... It's a lifestyle. Are you doing things today that you can have an abundance of those resources.... If you don't care enough then why would anybody else care about you.

I respect a guy that just shows up and he's just honest with himself and honest with the group. Whatever happened before is done homie-- you ain't going to rewind it.

You take that emotional leverage-- you know you're feeling disappointed-- and why are you feeling disappointed-- because you know you weren't living up to your full potential in the past- so you take that leverage and you make sure your performance in the present and future is never going to be fucked up again.

If you're ever going to have a conversation with some people where you finally admit you've just been a fuck up your whole life... it's a lot better to have that conversation at 25 than 35 right.... a lot better at 35 than 45 right...

So it aint ideal, but at least you realize now you should stop doing this dumb fucking shit.


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Welcome to The City on a Hill|I Do It For The Block- That's Why Nobody's Stopping Me | Gradatim Ferociter | Christian | Just Do It

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8/3-Once you realize how beautiful you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not.

So when I write this stuff it's not because I want to get you to like me FUCK YOU AND THE FUCKING HORSE YOU ROAD IN ON. 

This is me sharpening the sword so to speak...
So if I don't want you to like me.... and I'm not going out of my way to insult you guys...

Why do you think I'm so frustrated right now... That ever occur to you?


AND MOST OF YOU ARE WALKING AROUND LIKE NOTHING BAD IS HAPPENING. MOST OF YOU THINK THE HARD PART PAST. Remember when I said back in late February (wasn't even March) that this thing was going to get ugly. Well I have to RETRACT that because it's GOING TO GET A FUCK LOAD WORSE. A FUCK LOAD WORSE.


You know the first lesson they teach you in risk management classes-- like classes where you learn where if you hit a speed bump in your business how to operate so you can assure that you have the least amount of downsides.... 

So in risk management, the first rule is don't panic the public.

You guys understand what's being woven over your eyes right now....
You're being MADE TO FEEL like nothing is wrong... I said it would take probably 3 years for restructuring.. I take that back now it's going to take FIVE MOTHERFUCKING YEARS- HALF A DECADE NOW OF PAIN FOR SMALL BUSINESSES.-- MINIMUM.

And how do I know this-- well while you guys were believing that everything is great because the news doesn't zoom in on business owners because morons think business owners are exploitative for some reason... I'm actually talking to business owners... I'm pitching business owners... as a marketer, I am personally blessed with an intuitive pulse over the market space..... And they're fucked. You guys reading this (if you do have a job right now) YOU'RE LUCKY you have one... because that business owner is fighting tooth and nail to support you right now-- trust me. 15% of all restaurants in California are now all PERMANENTLY closed.... And by the way the Corona death numbers... although the survivability rate is 99.5% for most people, the actual death count for it is MUCH HIGHER than what is being reported....

People think the government has their finger on the scale NO NO NO NO NOOOOO you guys DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU FUCKING MORONS. ITS THE OPPOSITE- IT'S RISK MANAGEMENT they WANT to suppress the death count in all these different countries... So they're PURPOSEFULLY not reporting deaths... and they rationalize it as hey we aren't testing everybody so lets not count everybody-- this is like 5-6 maybe 7 flu seasons combined into one- regarding people dying from it. 

Anyways that's the end of my tirade on this shit... just makes me so upset that I have to live on this planet with you FUCKING MONKEYS... Who are all like durr eerrrr errrr I do what feeelsss goood errr errr I don't like workinggg errr rerrrr errr I like people telling me what to do errr rrr I'm afraid of dying errreerrrr... 

Jesus Christ..... I'm so lucky I have the friends I do.... All of us DONT GIVE A FUCK if we die, we don't give a FUCK about our short term emotions we just want the fucking results... We honestly think that if you aren't working (or at least working on yourself when you aren't "working") that you're kind of fucked up... Let me annotate that too-- mind you I don't care if you like me--- I really mean that-- I don't care-- I'm cool if you have a slightly above minimum wage job, but then you go home and instead of being this TV watcher or some fucking dumb shit, you're spending time with friends and family, or maybe you're an artist... that honestly is totally fucking cool to me... People that piss me off the most are people that TALK like they want a good life and it's going to magically fall in their lap... BECAUSE FUCK YOU. The world isn't a crazy enough place to reward a bunch of undeserving people.

My mastermind group member right now that I watched in 3 years go from startup to making the list on Europes 50 fastest growing businesses is now contracting out his SEO to me... and why is that... because their success rate is under 50% for SEO while mine is 100% currently and I only fucked with the hardest keywords that the " NU GURU EXPERTS" said oh you can't do that... no that's impossible, you can't do that- FUCK YOU TOO.... We're working out the deal and he's expanding in the US right now-- and I mean this relationship most likely is going to be worth well over $15,000 a month for me, since I worked on establishing processes where I could handle 100 clients without needing anybody else- my profit margins are 60-70%+ too... so fuck you guys throwing your shit 2 cents in a pot- you can keep it- you probably need the 2 cents anyways if you're being honest with yourself. And if you think I'm being harsh-- fuck off-- leave... because smart people have no motherfucking problem with what I'm saying... I never have issues when I speak this way around intelligent people... it's just these motherfuckers with their mouth open like a little fucking bird or something that wants a worm put in it. Pisses me off when I see people enjoying their life and then there is some fucking shit head who has never done anything, doesn't even deserve to have an opinion, is miserable and unhappy, and just wants to make it worse for everyone know like a little slug off the street that wants to fucking stink up the room for everybody with their own cringe. You'd think you'd be embarrassed of yourself by now... And that's most people... most people are fucking idiots- I'm SHOCKED and BAFFLED that prior to this covid shit I still met a lot of smart people and I'm like why the fuck do you even have a job? Like not in an insulting sense- like WHY ARE YOU working for someone else... You just like getting fucked?

On another note too something that I just started doing now is anytime I have money I spend on discretionary reasons-- like I buy sometning not in my diet plan (like I bought chinese for lunch today), or I take a group out for dinner and treat them, or I'm probably going to buy a new desk chair next week-- my friend just got this one by Secret Labs and he says it's super comfortable-- I match that discretionary expenditure and throw it into stocks... I've been buying $BAC and $AMZN- Bank of America because it's the second largest bank in the US currently and it's still 30% off right now from Pre Covid-- Amazon because Jeff Beelzebub is making more acquisitions trying to buy logistics company and honestly Beelzebub isn't even using Amazon anymore the same way he did before.

He's using it now to fund new businesses.... Like people don't know he tried to buy and when they wouldnt sell he discounted his diapers on amazon by 50% and went $150million in the red to see if it would crush diapers into folding-- it didn't so he quit that project, but who has the money to when people are saying Jeff let him go Jeff let him go, and he just goes nah fuck him and drags them even more....

I mean he lost $150,000,000 on that project... and that's just an experiment for the guy LOL.

So those are my stock picks, just attended a class yesterday on it with a guy I don't personally know but have had friends that have taken programs with him-- this guy does know me actually but I haven't talked to him-- anyways he made a small fortune off the low points in stocks... did about $700,000 in trading on Friday too... So I don't really have stock tips or investing advice -- I'm not really qualified to give my take on that-- as I mentioned though Bitcoin shot up. If anything else catches my eye I might mention it.

What a fucking rant... on to the daily things I have to get handled.

Also was watching some videos on business insight and thought this was excellent.

Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day
- Hell project (estimated finish date end of August)
- K

Relationships I Can Improve / Build


- Agent
- Contact
- Natalie
- Roland
- I 

I'm Grateful For:

1- My network
2- My business
3- My friends

One Thing I Did That Sucked

One Conflict Point in the Day

Cool Things From My Day

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Welcome to The City on a Hill|I Do It For The Block- That's Why Nobody's Stopping Me | Gradatim Ferociter | Christian | Just Do It

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