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goodbye Actualized.Org

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I'm taking a break from this Forum to sort things out.


There is no-body as in the body is party of temporary or Maya.

There is no-self only awareness

Awareness is emptiness.

Identification and desire causes suffering

Awareness is completion peace.

However, there is still alot of identification and desire I need to be purified from.

As well as I feel there is still more to learn beyond that. To understand the full implications of awakening and how to derive pure dharmic meaning for me personally. Realizing personal identity is subjective not objective. Awareness is objective. It is in it's essence, objectivity.

My hope is to write a graphic novel bible. Not a Christian bible, simply a graphic novel of teachings.

Cohans, myths from the ages, things like that. A collection of stories. To portray the teachings.

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I think when people leave the forum it's normally to take a break from mental masturbation, or to practice their mental masturbation in private instead of here on show :D

There needs to be a NO FAP movement to help all people addicted to mental masturbation. 

But on a serious note, thanks for your comments on my journal, be nice to stay in touch. So the forum isn't meeting your needs or holding your interest? 

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