Is the gate to Stage Green now open?

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I think the whole situation will allow more stage green then it had in the past. When a crisis moment like this occur, a radical shift of perspective tends to happen in people's mind, allowing them to change things in an unconventional way. Many things can get introduced in the post covid 19 world that we don"t even imagine now. Personally, i think healthcare around the world will change drastically. People will become more conscious to the fact that egocentrism and more profit mentality don't help them in the long run. They will also discover that solitude of the mind do not solely depend on doing more work and chasing success, sometimes letting go of the chasing mentality and enjoying the present moment can be profoundly fulfilling. 

I don't believe that the post covid 19 world will be all loving and heavenly, but i do think that  people will take a very big leap towards consciousness and love.  

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