Shifts of growth

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As we grow personally and spiritually, some common shifts tend to happen inside.


For fun, I'm making a list of some. What else would you put on this list?


Scarcity -> Abundance

Blame others -> Assume the responsibility

Reality is a mechanism -> Reality is magical

Bearded God -> No God -> God

Care about you -> Care about your community -> Care about all humans -> Care about all life -> Care about entire Earth -> Care about the Universe

Collect concepts -> Understand

Talk -> Listen

Seek validation -> Be authentic

Have -> Do -> Be

Action as a burden -> Action as liberation

Attachment -> Engagement

Fear of Failure -> Having experiences

Downward spirals of mediocrity -> Upwards spirals of success

Waking up late -> Waking up early

Take value -> Offer value

Complain -> Do something about it or dismiss it

Judge, label, ridicule -> Respect

Indifference -> Compassion

Sugar -> Salad

Sedentarism -> Daily activity

Dependence -> Independence -> Interdependence

Play to not lose -> Play to win

Anticipate failure -> Anticipate success

Incapable -> Self-effective

Comfort zone -> Growth

Bragging -> Elevating others around you

Money as a cage -> Money as freedom

Money is evil -> Money is a resource

One more problem -> One more opportunity

Be one more -> Make the difference

Be part of someone else’s plan -> Have and follow your plan

Negate emotions -> Open up to all emotions

Destructive habits -> Healthy habits

Escape -> Face

Compare with others -> Compare with yourself

Quick fixes -> Long-term change

Stimulation -> Delayed gratification

Results -> Process

Daily grind -> Daily fun

Watch TV -> Read books

Motivation -> Discipline

Doing just enough -> Seeking mastery

Focus on the past -> Focus on the future -> Focus on the present

Having opinions -> Having principles

Not meditate -> meditate (as simple as that)

Two or more -> One

Choose to see the ugliness in this World -> Choose to see the beauty

Everything is logical -> Embrace paradox

Everything is made of atoms -> Everything is made of consciousness

Cooler -> Closer -> Cleaner

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@fewrocker You -> Devil -> Ego

"God is not a conclusion, it is a sudden revelation. When you see a rose it is not that you go through a logical solipsism, "This is a rose, and roses are beautiful, so this must be beautiful." The moment you see it, the head stops spinning thoughts. On the contrary, your heart starts beating faster. It is something totally different from the idea of truth." -Osho

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