Is Fish better than chicken breast, and other meats?

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53 minutes ago, MartinMaggio said:

Omega 3 isn't really beneficial. Do deeper research on non funded sources. 

Omega 3 also oxidizes when enters the human body. 

What @Villager Albert mentioned about vitamin E being depleted is correct. Pufa consumption does deplete vitamin 3 

But the true benefits from fish come from it's mineral content not from the Omega 3-6-9, they actually all oxidize 

Limit consumption of fish to once a week and eat mostly ruminant grass fed animals



Are you talking about the efficacy of Omega 3 supplements not being beneficial or Omega 3 from whole food sources not being beneficial? I have done plenty of research. Please provide what are you are referring to. 

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I would recommend eating fish in moderating, and trying to go for wild caught fish. For example the best tuna to get is skipjack because it has the lowest mercury, I would try to avoid albacore however. Wild sockeye salmon, mackerel (avoid king, Spanish and golf mackerel, get the North Atlantic mackerel), Trout, and sardines are also great.


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EPA and DHA have a lot of functions in the body, they're essential. The problem is that in supplements (and many foods that are low in vitamin E andor have been exposef to heat/light), omega 3s become oxidants. They cannot do their function and they oxidize other PUFAs we already have in the body.

I agree that many studies show negative effects of omega 3, even from food, but if you eat fresh or supplement with a good brand of fish oil, they should be beneficial.

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From an energetic perspective, sea food/vegetables is higher/better for you. My Felines always choose the fish over the meat.

Felines are Enlightened AF ;)


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