Smart Girl Does Unintentional Metaphysical / Non-Dual Inquiry ASMR

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I know that this might be considered as a bit of a "low-quality" not-so-super-serious post, but I thought this was still kinda interesting to share for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I just found it so fascinating seeing her ask herself all those questions and actually thinking about them for a bit, not realizing or knowing that it actually is possible to answer some of them for oneself. Quite amusing in a certain way when one can look at the whole situation from such a different perspective, "from the other side of the fence", so to say.

So, if you like yourself some nice non-dual inquiry and you also happen to like ASMR videos, check these out.



Hey, what's up! This is Jack R. Hayes, I'm an author, currently living in Germany. Thus far, I've written two books, both in English and German; one's called "User's Manual for Human Beings", and the other one's called "The Wisdom Espresso". If you'd like to check out my work, visit me at  or go to Amazon and search for my name. I'd be happy to see you there!

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This AMSR stuff is quite interesting, did not know much about it at all. I guess it doesn't effect me since I haven't experienced anything pleasurable from the noises. Still such an unexplored phenomenon. 

"Started from the bottom and I just realized I'm still there since the money and the fame is an illusion" -Drake doing self-inquiry

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