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   Well, Brexit is finally here. This day will be in the history books as one of the most triumphant moments for the British people, and for some one of the most impactful, positively if you're British conservative, or negative if you're neither, or negligible if you're something else!

   I'm both excited from the energies I'm feeling from the people, and nervous for the future of this country. But I smell blood! New opportunities are starting to pop up, and niches not possible are becoming possible. As well as suffering buried deep within, interpersonal/intrapersonal, to a culture and the world, would resurface, to once again liven up those to life again, to be overcome again.

   So, as both a welcome and warning sign to Britain and the world, let this day bring whatever it brings, Because one way or the other, we know that he would return, and they would follow him, whose name brings fear and Jubilee to all who witness his presence, and chant his name...

   Lord Darth Vader! Today, the Empire strikes back!?

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Its superb. There's a resurgence of God and conservatism. Its much needed. Way over due. It took so long but cause its not a democracy and you see the corruption of the ones in power. 

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