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Can money lead to ultimate happienes ?. I used to think so..

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@Leo GuraThis is from a german newspaper. A story of an asian billionair trying to find a wife to fly to the moon with him. To some people this may sound romantic. But to me, it seems as though he is deeply unhappy even thou he is so rich.


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He's probably got hundreds of thousands of applicants, guess he's got time to sift through them all before 2023. 

Kudos to him anyway still believing in love in a country rife with Herbivore men.

There must be a hell of a lot of Japanese women available who would be over the moon to go. xD

Ha, a honeymoon on the moon with your honey, stars in their eyes ...

Where's he gonna take her after that? he's setting the bar a bit high from the get-go. 

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That's amore ... "??


I don't understand @Lauritz Bewer why you feel he's deeply unhappy though.

More like stark raving bonkers if you ask me. 

Going to the moon is no walk in the park, hope he's aware of the gravity of the situation. xD

And there's no guarantee he'll be getting back here safely, hope he's written a will too. 

Anyways, to answer your question in a nutshell money doesn't lead to ultimate happiness, attaining full enlightenment does;)


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"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence". Erich Fromm

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I want to move to a self sufficient community that only uses money with the outside world for supplies.   

My Imagination is a Monastery and I am its Monk- John Keats

 Join me and SirVladimir for a collection of short stories, guided visualizations, and other forms of lucid/immersive daydreaming. MindVenture Facebook group  (this is not a meetup, merely a mutual interest in lucid daydreaming) 

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Having money don't remove your typical every person psychological challenges, rich people face the same basic problems as most of us, and likely a whole other range of problems that money bring with them. You can be happy with little money, you can be happy with a lot of money. Thinking that most have issues with something, most of us are more or less unhappy with things, rich or poor, different problems, some problems are the same, you still have to deal with "yourself", no getting away from that. 

Getting money can remove some practical problems so that you can focus on other things, likely other problem that are further up in e.g. Maslows pyramid of basic needs. Problems where money don't make any difference. Money in themselves don't make people happy and you certainly don't need money to be happy. 

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Key being "enough" money, and knowing when enough is "enough". 

The problem is that we are bred on the idea that money, fame, success and so on makes us happy. Not so. Being happy CAN make us money, fame, success and so on. First is unhealthy, second is perfectly fine. This is not the least evident in the millennials but present in more or less all of us. At the same time, being happy makes money, fame and "success" less important. Success as **"success"** because with happiness - true happiness - what is important changes, money is not the goal. 

Still, "enough" money to not endure misery is a good, but it is far, far, FAR less than we imagine that we need to be "happy".

Chasing happiness, there is always one more reason that prevents us from being happy, and it's not money, it's ourselves. 

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