How do I introduce my friends to mindfulness?

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How do I introduce my friend (who's life is spiraling out of control) to mindfulness? He is not at all religious or spiritual. I'm not sure how to communicate the idea of being mindful or meditating, without making him very quickly uninterested. 

This is not the only friend I would want to share these things with, but definitely the one I'm most worried about not giving it a shot

Thoughts, advice, similar experiences?

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Hey fellow actualizer! :D

I'll use spiral dynamics to help me on this.

People at orange and above generally tend to listen when I explain what meditation is, how it works and how they can do it. Some people just appear really uninterested and then I just don't talk about it anymore with them. With those that may be interested (mostly stage green), I ask if they would want to participate in a meditation session with me or some event that happens in my city or some retreat. Rarely someone accepts my invites -_-

I can't really decide for you on this one but maybe you could use some of this value and personality theory(SD,MBTI, Big Five) to make an somewhat accurate inference of what may happen.

On how to explain: using those tools you can have a picture of what he might like in meditation. Maybe it's for the stress-relief benefits or for the spiritual connection to the universe or whatever.

There's only one way to know how the person will react for sure though.

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Thank you for the response !!! I will take this into account and do some research.

Why do you think it is so common for people to quickly push aside the idea meditation and being mindful? I feel like every major world religion recognizes the benefits "being in the now", but for some reason everytime I bring it up to someone unfamiliar i get looked at like I'm being crazy. It's an odd thing to be completely close-minded toward.

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