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2 hours ago, kira said:

@electroBeam lets say for arguments sake that you are right about everything  you said, yes ? now you posted your critique 7dec as of today thats almost 10 days ago. and you are still coming back to check on your comments when you said you were leaving to find a "boring" teacher.

note. i couldnt care less about your critique, you are entitled to have your opinion whatever this is. also notice that in non of my comments i said anything about your critique, whatever you are right or not. (go back read my comments...and check it out if you please)

 my point/question being all along: why make such a fuss about it ??  why not just leave the forum without further actions ? alright you needed to speak your mind before leaving. people to hear your opinion, i do get that part. but even after you voiced your opinion you have been coming back for 10 days to keep the fire burning…  see why i see your post a child trowing a fit ? :P 

care to explain that part to me ? 

Because you've got a script in your head(which you're unconscious of) telling you how people should and shouldn't act. And if people act like this then they are that and if people act like that then they are this. If people make a critique that you think is stupid then they are idiots, and if people keep replying to the thread then they are attention seekers.

But this is all just conditioning of your mind, conditioning you probably got from your parents, or possibly a teacher you admire.

There is no fundamental, metaphysical law which proves that coming back to a thread makes someone an attention seeker. There is no law that replying to Leo's posts makes someone an attention seeker. This is all arbitrary and something you made up in your head a long long time ago, so long that you've become unconscious of the programming.

I do what I feel like. I'm not trying to prove anybody anything. If I cared about what you thought, I would not come back to this forum to prove to you that I'm not an attention seeker and I'm some sort of wise man. But in reality that would just be me following some arbitrary rules that you made up - particularly the rule that non attention seekers don't keep coming onto this thread. 

If you're acting authentically and honestly, do you seriously think constricting your behaviour to some arbitrary rules is the way to do it? No it's not. Truly acting authentically and honestly is spontaneity, doing what you feel like. NOT following arbitrary rules, but rather following the stream of consciousness.

This spontaneity may mean writing critiques, coming back to a thread, telling people what you actually think which gets you disapproval, burping in front of people, and a whole bunch of stuff you probably look at in disgust with your made up and imaginary rules you made up.

When you live spontaneously, no rules apply. You may seem to be mentally masturbating, debating, arguing, being dualistic, being low conscious, etc. But in reality you're following that authentic drive, wherever it takes you. 

Your rules don't matter to me. And I'll break a lot of your rules. So don't expect some "can you explain that to me" answer. You simply won't get one you're looking for.

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@electroBeam Brother, it will be best if you shut it off. I hope you got it off your chest, but this is not helping you with anything. Do you feel this is worth to spend your time on? 

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On 12/7/2019 at 8:55 AM, Raptorsin7 said:

@electroBeam Why did you feel the need to post this. If you felt you are ready to move beyond the forum why not just move on in silence?

To raise awareness... Create a debate 

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