Heart break, Craving, Self Love will kill it all and bring real people real Love?

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There had been a strong craving for this one boy from past one month. But the boy seemed cool with and without distance. And when there was negligence it was killing me. For the first time I felt of full submission to someone, even a touch of him will make my whole body full of acetylcholine and dopamine. And he too admitted things like me being one in million and I m his very own Sun. Moment seem to cease with him, world use to shut dwn and the feeling of being one without constraints was realized and then followed...let me use the term "bliss". But all of a sudden due to some constraints he start ignoring me as if never heard of me. And my heart start feeling heavy and a constant pain was there. So rather than going into darkness of victim state I started asking positive questions. I asked myself, pain was for what, he being neglecting me or loosing him. Turns out to be both and former being more. I cried out most of the time and flushed my whole energy out on craving. 

I texted him like anything and told him how helpless I was feeling. I used to watch some inspirational vedioes and get fresh energetic but Bam with one picture of him all knowledge get swayed away and again craving.

But following points made me out of this situation forever?:

1. Start looking for Self Love as mentioned by our Leo. Truely saying I raised my hand and asked universe to help me, mentioning how I m born and got every vitality because of this unknown natural force. And that we are the Source.

  We human are such a natural manifestor. Claririty start manifesting inside me.

2. Let all you have be out in the most elaborated form. Dont keep it to just yourself let your lover know this. It will slowly help in either realize your energy worth better or make him/her realize what he has done or what he gonna miss in life.

3. Somehow make communication with him and get things clear, i.e. concious uncoupling.

4. Rather than isolating yourself forever after a while of crying and shouting and long silence get in touch with friends you like to hang with. 

5. Spend some lone time with yourself. And try to be observer. Meditate. Initially it may kill you more but magically it will take over...have faith.

6. Start taking care of yourself more than ever, exercise or long jogging are great.

Guys, finally that pain is out of my heart and I m feeling so free... And the best part begin...not only He started communicating back but almost every corner is bouncing with amazing people and above all I feel myself no string attached situation and at the same time grounded. Cheers to life...cheers to SELF Love.


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yeah, i've been to a similar process myself lately

there were (are) two stages - first, when i had to let her go and start living for myself - do things that i love and that are mine, that bring me joy, let's call it self love

right now i'm at a second stage - i'm letting go of judging thoughts in my head about her, what she have done and how she was behaving during this time, trying to be more of a perceiver than a judger (mbti stuff), i would call it Self love, it requires lots of empathy, love and understanding towards the other person and imo it's a lot harder thing to do

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@@28 cm unbuffed you are right, it is too diffult while one is passing through it. Thanks for sharing your story here. I can feel your days through these as I too was.

When I was passing through it, it seemed everending tunnel of pain but at that moment when I was trying to get out of that web I promised if I can come out of it I would let everyone who is suffering this pain know that they are not alone and that they can even come out of it. If I can, you can so everyone can. 

Undetstanding of Self Love is very important.

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