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By modmyth,
ARNOLD BOCKLIN (SYMBOLISM): A Swiss symbolist painter which I did not include in my earlier post on Symbolism, as I planned to do a full post of him; he is one of my absolute favourites. FUN FACT: Bocklin was very popular in Germany in the very early 20th century, and many German homes had prints of his work. Then his work fell out of favour for a couple decades, and was criticized as too kitsch and too "German" in spirit. Apparently Hitler spent a great deal of money to acquire the 3rd version of Isle of the Dead (as it's shown below), and it was actually found in the bunker where he killed himself (Hitler collected a lot of art). I wonder who owns this painting now, and if it increased or decreased in value, or if it's under government possession? A great way to ruin a casual conversation: show someone "The Isle of the Dead" and if they say something like "that's a nice painting!", slip in a "Hitler loved that!" right after. "DRUIDIC SPIRIT": On a serious note, I haven't seen a painter than captures the incredible beauty and mystery of a solitary communion with nature, of being by yourself and fully as yourself while being connected to the spirit of your surroundings. There is an almost druidic quality or aesthetic darkness to it. And there is the spirit of dreams and the feel of dusk and twilight as well, of forgotten places and ruins that you are remembering and live through you, even if no one else. Of private mysteries, consecrations, and rituals. Of being the witness. THE LANGUAGE OF COLOUR: I have done master studies of a handful of his paintings, and he is near the very top of the list of painters whose colour choices are extremely hard to emulate (and therefore study directly); the way his colours read in an absolute way are impacted so strongly by the surrounding colours that they form a sort of organic whole or language where is it very difficult to read one or a handful of colours out of context. For me, Beksinski is also near the top of that list. Summer Day: The Tombstone: Ruins by the Sea: (Unknown title) The Chapel: The Sacred Wood: (Uncertain of the name of this one): Sacred Grove: Villa by the Sea II: Isle of the Dead (First Version): Isle of the Dead (Version 3): The colours have shifted here considerably; I believe this would be the most famous version. A complimentary painting was created after called "The Isle of Life": In his self portraits, his eyes have a particular haunted quality. Self Portrait with Death as Fiddler: He also did a lot of mythological themed paintings, like many symbolist (/"romantic") painters, but IMO landscape was his forte. Medusa: