Rupert Spira and others on Solipsism

Nak Khid
By Nak Khid in Spirituality, Consciousness, Awakening, Mysticism, Meditation, God,
Rupert Spira The fact that Consciousness only experiences itself through one mind is a belief held by one mind! There is no evidence for it. This is called solipsism. Non-duality states there is only Consciousness. Solipsism states there is only the content of our own mind. These two statements may appear to be similar but in fact they are poles apart. The former is the source of sanity, the latter insanity. In order to know anything apparently objective, Consciousness must take the shape of the mind. It is by definition only possible for the mind to hold one thought/image/perception at a time. In other words, this apparent limitation is inherent in the structure of the mind. However, it is a mistake to project this limitation of mind onto Consciousness and presume, as a result, that Consciousness is limited. Let us take the example of two minds, mind A and mind B. Mind A consists of thought/sensation/perception A and mind B consists of thought/sensation/perception B. Mind A is one single ‘object’ known by Consciousness; likewise mind B. Now mind B could never appear in mind A because one object cannot appear in another. So it is impossible for mind A to know mind B. In fact mind A does not know anything. It is known. Likewise mind B. However, the fact that one object can never appear in another object or even that two objects can never be present ‘in the same mind’ at the same time does not tell us anything about that which knows each mind. In fact, why could there not be an infinity of minds all appearing in and simultaneously known by the same Consciousness? I am not proving that this is the case. I am only suggesting it as a possibility and in doing so exposing the fallacy of the ‘only-this-mind’ belief. I am not suggesting that my model of a multiplicity of minds appearing simultaneously in one Consciousness is an accurate model of experience. There are no accurate mind-made models of the reality of experience. However, I use this model as a possibility to rescue non-duality from being equated with solipsism. Solipsism is simply an exaggerated form of the ‘I-am-the-centre-of-the-universe’ belief that characterises the apparently separate entity. Non-duality is rather the opposite of this. It is the experiential understanding that there is no centre to the universe. Love is another name for this understanding in which all seeming things are known to be one seamless garment, made out of Consciousness alone,  each apparent part intimately connected to all other apparent parts. Even that is not quite true because of the presumption of parts, but such are the limitations of the mind when speaking of something that is beyond its conception or perception. * * *  
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