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When there are no words to describe the profundity of reality you know you're onto something. 

For days I have been drowning in the illusion. Awareness can end up in the shade of this illusion. 

In real terms thoughts and sensations play heavily in my heart. 

In actual real terms becoming aware of this heaviness instantly made me lighter. 

There's no becoming more aware. You just are aware. It's like a switch that flicks on. 

We are not in control. We are however able to attract what we want. Be aware of thought stories. 

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Really doing The Work 

We say we're doing the work but are we?

Living in The Now is my life's work. It's where I began, all those years ago. It's where Infinite Love starts (and ends). 

Going deep with this work is about not taking things personally, as there is no personal. Surrendering to the Now is both terrifying and liberating. 

Rather than The Work, it's actually a connection to Spirit, Being, to consciousness, to the real "You", The Now. 

These past few weeks I have let go of a big one, my attachment to my job. Who I am at work - this has been part of my identity for so long, like a 200 year old Oak Tree it has deep, strong roots. The mind is going wild, but I am allowing and enjoying the ride. The mind doesn't know what to cling on to. 

My job is to help others but how often do I help myself. 

Think back to a traumatic, difficult time. Let go of the personal. I realise the thing that happened was actually nothing to do with me. We like to make things about us, but actually sometimes it isn't. 

The Work is Living in The Now. That's where freedom, liberation, peace and love is. Allow the Now to unfold. You are the Now and what a great gift it is.

A guru is only an experienced student. There is never an end to learning. 

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