How do I integrate schoolwork with self-actualization work?

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So I picked english, philosophy and music for A levels. How can I study these fields while also studying all the self-actualization concepts and applying that in my life. How can I be strategic about this. I'm almost disinterested in schoolwork because I know I'm resourceful enough to study everything by myself and I dislike the way they teach me in school, assigning me homeworks and boring essays, etc. but I don't wanna fail my classes and I wanna succeed in life. I picked english because I wanna improve my writing ability, I picked philosophy because Leo got me interested in it with the topics he talks about, and I picked music because I play piano and I potentially want to master piano and create and perform music as a carear. 

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The best thing you can do is start down a path and recorrect your course when you need be. If you don't know which way to go then experiment. May not be what you want to hear but this shit takes time.

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I have done most of my self-actualization work while at college. The important thing is to start slow and steady. Try to build healthy habits that encourage your work. 

 The important thing is trying to develop emotional mastery. Use each class as a chance to do so. You can sit in class and be as mindful as possible and try to soak in what is going on. You can spend your off time meditating and working out. I would also say developing a visioning habit would be good. Keep a journal and self reflect on your life and the world. 

You could also try to connect your learning to a bigger picture. Try to take what the teachers give you and understand it deeper and broader. Connect it to history science, spirituality, psychology, biology, and so on. 

It is really about your attitude. Don't strive for the best grades, strive for the deepest understanding and mastery. Hey if you get a B in a class but you understand the material on a deep level then I say it is worth it. 

What I also feel is important is starting to learn who you are. Later in life, you can focus on what you are more. But learn about your personality, your triggers, your pain, your passions, what moves you, what fills your heart, and so on. Try to understand yourself as much as possible. While at the same time learn to love yourself as much as possible. This makes doing assignments so much easier. You can be calm and gentle with yourself rather than beating yourself up to do the work. 

I wish you the best for your journey ahead. 

May you be blessed.   

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You've picked awesome subjects you enjoy, well done man. 

Learn because you want to, do the essays to the best of your ability for the enjoyment of it, reach your full potential for the joy of doing your best. 

Integrate habits like meditation, reading and Healthy Eating/ Working Out into your daily routine, take it slow, there's no rush. 

But most importantly of all- ENJOY LIFE! 

We're here to be happy and enoy the ride, best of luck. 

'One is always in the absolute state, knowingly or unknowingly for that is all there is.' Francis Lucille. 

'Peace and Happiness are inherent in Consciousness.' Rupert Spira 

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” Ramana Maharshi

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