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In one book about enlightenment that I've read it says one way you can become enlightened is by spreading the truth you know, what you tell others is what you become. So I am doing that, sharing my truth, what I've discovered. 

As you read it there may be some objections that others have had on other forums , which I'll address:

#1 Some of the sessions you recommand you must buy.

There's also alot of free books and other stuff you can do without paying. I believe if everything was free it people wouldn't appreciate it, there needs to be an exchange of energy.

#2 you stole something from others instead of being authentic

I'm of the opinion that knowledge of enlightenment has to come from high quality sources from people who are enlightened already, I'm not. And I'm simply sharing the things that I've found worked.

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Thanks for sharing this. Some good stuff there. 

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@Bill W Thanks alot.

Guys I REALLY recommand the "shaktipat music" I shared in there. It works amazingly I even use it to sleep better.

The author said I shouldnt share it to respect it but I can't help it! It's the original mp3 file don't alter the size or it will lose the sound technology.

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