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This topic has probably been covered already, but ahh how do you approach girls in college without laying a reputation on yourself of being “that guy?”

I go to a medium-sized university 10,000+ people, but I tend to see the same people walking around every day. And in high school, I approached girls and sometimes got rejected and would frequently have to go through these awkward situations where I would see them again.

I haven’t done much approaching in college yet (Freshman) but I want to see how other people handled this before I start going ham.

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Girls thought of me as a fuckboy in uni. Semantics aside, it’s fine as long as you’re not coming off as annoying or predatory. I even avoided approaching unknown girls like the plague.

In other words it’s all about how you do it. There nothing wrong with going up and chatting with a girl at a party for a minute or two. Staying for 10 minutes when she is clearly not interested is something else.

My approach to getting (something) with girls is all about the long game. It’s feels more natural for me and you get to know her in different situations.

So let’s say you go up to chat with her for a few minutes. You don’t need to get anything from the situation. No number, no girl going back to your place. However hopefully you’ve made a good impression and had a fun conversation (from your own point of view) 

She’ll probably recognise you at uni afterwards. If she’s interested maybe she’ll give you a wave or at least a smile. Things tend to go well from there one way or another.

Sidenote, while this approach is safer it’s important that you don’t go up to like six girls each party. It’s preferable to take a chance in natural situations as possible. Say you are buying a drink and some girl is queuing for drink next to you. Furthermore I used parties as a example, you can approach girls in other situations also if you feel that would be appropriate. 

Don’t text girls in the evening or when drunk. Or simply to ask her what/how she is doing. 

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You just approach, dont take it to serious. Life is not serious. Life is easy. And especially in university people want to have fun.

I mean talk to people, see if you like them, if you think so, ask them to join you for a coffee, going to a party, learning for class, etc. Maybe they go maybe they dont. Also DONT BE AFRAID OF GETTING A REPUTATION. I mean people think all kind of shit. You dont want to rely on what others think about you. Dont be a dick to girls either. Dont try to talk them down in order to fall in love with you. Just be nice. If you want to experiment with the asshole/badboy vibe maybe do it somewhere else.

If you really want to nail this, you not only approach on campus. You do it everywhere and so you always have people to hang around. 

But most important just have fun. If in doubt, do what you like. Thats what matters. If you want to be a total dick to this blonde next to you in class DO IT! Hey she might not take it well but at least you did what you wanted to do and YOU DIDNT BREAK YOU HEAD thinking over what OTHERS might think/do or whatever. You are not afraid. You are authentic.

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