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What are the things that you know that you do not want to share with people ?

I mean that you think people will call you crazy.


Bring it all !

If you experienced anything.  Any kind of "wired" thing.

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"wired" thing you say. ♥️

Just laughter pure laughter. 😂

How not to be fascinated with Conciousness that is a question?Like All the time. 

You Infinitely Loving Intelligent and Humorous no thing.


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It would be a waist of time because  not only would I not be able to put it in words in order to convey it but even if I somehow was able to do so everyone would reject it hands down .

And that is because it is only known by experiencing and there's no other way of understanding it unfortunately. 

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@ActualizedDavid well.... i am originally from cuba.. when i was still leaving there with my mother before we moved to Belgium the craziest thing happen :

Cuba is a country well know for all the "witchy" stuff... so my mom has this special collar..meant to protect her and all…. I kept asking for her to let me play with it and wear it. and she didnt let me have it, she said its wasnt meant for me, only for her.

BUT becuase i was quite spoiled at the end i got my way... proudly i put it  on and turn around to run out of my house and show it off.

but i didnt made it to the door...  the biggest wave hit me, and i felt so sick from one second to the other… i was dizzy . felt like trowing up, my head was hurting and i could barely stand on my feets. i hold myself the best i could against a wall.. all the energy was leaving my body.. it was awfull and so scary


i took of my moms collars and felt instantly better, i ran back to my mom and pushed the collars in her hands.. and ran out of the house..

I never asked her to touch them again…. shock of my life

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